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AZILALI: THEY DO NOT SLEEP, 12min., South Africa, Nature

Directed by Faine Loubser

The creatures of the sea are always awake to connect with you. Journeying through the life of a dark shyshark foetus, this film is a deep cinematic and aural bowing to the sacredness of the kelp forests and its myriad life forms and non-life forms. It gently reaches out to that which is beyond what can be said about the profundity, mysteriousness and beauty of nature and the universe.

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THE SUN INSIDE, 11min., UK, Experimental

Directed by Luca Silvestrini, Roswitha Chesher, Andy Pink

The Sun Inside is a participatory film reflecting upon the relevance of sunlight during lockdown that has been initiated as a collaboration between Luca Silvestrini, filmmaker Roswitha Chesher and composer Andy Pink and 152 contributors from 9 countries around the world who have been invited to film ‘their sun inside’.

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WEEPING WATER, 8min., USA, Dance

Directed by Hyonok Kim

This film is about the perils of a shark whose fin is hunted to sell as a delicacy. The dancer interprets the grace of the shark’s movements until the dire moment when he is captured in ropes and his fin severed. The dancer twists his body in angular gestures to capture the tragic moment. The pain, the struggle, and the inescapable death of the wounded shark are meant to project the suffering of all animals hunted to satisfy the human greed for domination over all living specIes. A shark’s fin sells for 50 cents but costs this magnificent animal his life.

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QUIET ON SET, 5min,. Canada, Experimental

Directed by Hamidreza Jadid

“Quiet on Set” is an effort to build a bridge between the two considerable disciplines known as Visual Arts and Performing Arts. This bridge is constructed by linking up a non-narrative music to a number of iconic paintings which is depicted by moving images to create an exceedingly complex media.

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WOMEN’S RIGHT TO VOTE, 4min., Sweden, Dance

Directed by Benedikte Esperi

Contribute to Frigga Carlberg who became the central figure within social and politically interested women’s circles in Gothenburg, and when the Swedish Society for Woman Suffrage was founded in 1902, she took the initiative for the establishment of the Gothenburg section and was elected as its chairman for its entire duration. She was well informed about in particular the British and American suffrage movement, and once invited English suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst (1882 – 1960) for a lecture. She also represented Sweden at several international conferences of women suffrage: first as a member of the Swedish Society for Woman Suffrage, and the last time, in Rome in 1923, as the representative of the Swedish government.

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1997 BUDAPEST, 10min., Germany, Experimental

Directed by Rahel Pasztor

In 1997, at the age of sixteen, the dancer and choreographer Mimi Jeong moved to Budapest from South Korea. She stayed in Budapest for two years. It was her first experience abroad.
She went to Budapest because of her father, who was a conductor in Hungary at the time.

In the 1990s, shortly after the fall of Berlin wall, Budapest was a city that was inexperienced with people who looked different and who came from a different culture.
Mimi came from Busan, she looked different, she thought differently, and she felt different.

Today her connection to Budapest is a special one, it is light-hearted, lonely, nostalgic and sorrowful.

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CASUAL WORKERS, 12min., South Africa, Documentary

Directed by Keagan Afonso

An abstract narrative following the days of two young South African casuals working in the heart of Johannesburg’s industrial sector during Covid-19.

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