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THE HYPERZOO, 14min., Italy, Experimental

Directed by Michele Giangrande

Short film produced during the MACRO ASILO’s Atelier in which Michele Giangrande participated from July 30 to August 4, 2019. In this occasion the artist created a metamorphic, experiential and performative installation that involved the entire museum audience.

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DANSANG – THE CITY, 10min., UK, Experimental

Directed by Hyelim Kim, Maria Koripas, Suki Mok

‘DanSang – the city’ is an exploration of new ways for music and movement to interact with surrounding spaces. Using the Korean bamboo flute taeg?m, native South Korean musician Hyelim Kim interacts with the landscape and soundscapes of urban London. The city becomes a multifaceted stage (‘dansang’ in Korean), which in turn transforms simultaneously into a nest and battlefield for a musician of ethnic minority background. Expressed through Kim’s music and movements, this film (with the music and sound recorded entirely live on-site, and with a fully live improvised score) explores how the non-Western female voice could express itself within the context of the cosmopolitan Western environment of the U.K., where it could easily be drowned.

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MINCED, 9min, USA, Experimental

Directed by Marcos Duran

Marcos has found mincing herbs and vegetables to be a therapeutic “flow” activity during the pandemic. It is a way to awaken the senses, lose track of time, and experiment with how textured ingredients come together to nourish the body. This work uses mincing as a metaphor for many different topics. It specifically expresses a process of transformation. Other words for transformation are: change, amendment, mutation, and (r)evolution. Do these words sound familiar?

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COMPOSITION, 13min., USA, Experimental

Directed by Paul Sestakov

Experimental (no dialogue) short: “A young grieving mother taking revenge in the only way she knows how – through art.”

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ALL FOR A HELEN, 15min., Greece, Experimental

Directed by Kakia Gkoudina

“For a Helen” is a multimedia work for film, sound and electronics. It is a multimedia composition; the music and visuals were composed at the same time. It is the outcome of an ongoing research in the narrative abilities of the aforementioned media when used in tandem.

The syntax of the work is characterized by parataxis – the placement of stimuli one after the other “without coordinating or subordinating connectives” (Merriam-Webster), thereby generating a spectrum of narratives by the very association of the stimuli to each other. This form of syntax provides a freer platform for the exploration of the media’s expressive as well as time construction capabilities.

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