Director Biography – Nuno Serrão (WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME BUS)

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Nuno Serrão is a Portuguese photographer, filmmaker, and creative director, interested in the dialogues between science and contemporary art. Each of his images considers how information is handled, shared and perceived, framing scenarios as micro-narratives, demonstrating a sensitivity and a curiosity for the planet and its inhabitants.
Aesthetica Magazine, 2019.

Director Statement

Hi, I’m a Portuguese photographer and filmmaker born in Madeira Island, 1980.
My blank slate starts with a functional level of emotion, logic, minimalism and curiosity. I consider these to be my metric system, in the way that photography is to cinema what poetry is to a novel, or that the If Then Else loop I learned from BASIC when I was a kid is a life shortcut.
Curiosity often leads me into document frameable micro-narratives that, in the end, will pose a whole new set of questions.
With the sum of all relatable questions, I think I’ll get an answer.