Watch Short Film: CITIRAMA: where the patterns of architecture join the rhythms of music

Directed by Terry Trickett

As a piece of Visual Music, CITIRAMA combines moving visual imagery with musical performance on solo clarinet. The images conjured up in CITIRAMA take flight into a realm of fantasy, where the rhythms of music join the patterns of architecture to celebrate the qualities of an exceptional building – the Leadenhall Building known colloquially as the ‘cheesegrater’ – in the City of London. CITIRAMA is an experimental performance that reveals a new type of relationship between music and architecture – no longer frozen but, instead, constantly moving and inventive.

Director Biography

Portrait of me

My activities in digital art have been influenced, in part, by my work as an architect and designer but, also, by my involvement, over many years, in an initiative that succeeded in bringing the disciplines of science and art closer together. With the Wellcome Trust, I invented and instigated a wide-ranging project (Sci-Art) in which scientists and artists, working in partnership, were encouraged to pool their ideas and, thereby, maximize each other’s creative potential. This project ran with considerable success for 10 years (1997 – 2006).

It’s this interest in the dual worlds of art and science that pervades my cross-disciplinary approach towards creating Visual Music. The method I adopt in harnessing together music and digital imagery was sparked off by a visit to the V&A’s Decode exhibition, in 2010, when I became aware of the opportunities offered by coding. At the exhibition, many works were built with Processing – an advanced program for creating movement – which led to me learning the techniques involved and then extending these skills into the realm of Visual Music.

Director Statement

The themes I select for my Visual Music presentations and performances, encapsulate a disparate set of interests and ideas that, more often than not, have been latent in my mind for quite some time. These ideas range far and wide, usually stemming from my past or current activities in music, art and science, design and architecture. Always, in creating a piece of Visual Music, my aim is to share and communicate my idea through a process which combines moving visual imagery with musical performance, usually on solo clarinet.

My Visual Music pieces have relevance at more than one level of interest and understanding; sometimes, they are primarily musical; at other times, my aim is to tackle a difficult subject or to put forward a controversial point-of-view.