Director BIO: Neil Kendricks (SUSPENSION)

Director Biography – Neil Kendricks

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Neil Kendricks, Writer-Director-Cinematographer-Producer

Neil Kendricks is a filmmaker, artist, photographer, writer, educator and the Film Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD). Kendricks earned a Master’s degree in Television, Film and New Media from San Diego State University in 2006. His award-winning short films like 2002’s “Loop” have screened at numerous international film festivals including the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, the 2002 Havana Film Festival, and a special short-film screening at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival’s American Pavilion.

Kendricks’ photography has also been exhibited at the San Diego Museum of Art, the African-American Museum of Fine Arts, London’s Royal College of Art, and many other venues. His first solo photography exhibition, “Bruised Eye Candy” was shown at San Diego’s now-defunct Spacecraft gallery in February 2008. Kendricks also produced, production designed and storyboarded media theorist Jordan Crandall’s film, “Heatseeking,” which was shown at inSITE 2000 and exhibited in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s “BitStream” exhibition, the first digital-arts exhibition shown at a major American art museum.

Kendricks’ 2008 short, “Beholder” (co-directed with artist Jim Cavolt) screened at the 2009 San Diego Latino Film Festival and the Athens International Film & Video Festival. Kendricks is currently in production on the documentary-in-progress “Comics Are Everywhere!” and he was among the curators of 2014’s inaugural Filmatic Festival. 

An early version of Kendricks’ new, experimental short film “Memory Lines” was originally commissioned as an outdoor video installation for the 2015 Filmatic Festival at the University of California, San Diego. In 2015, Kendricks collaborated with filmmaker and editor Carlos Pelayo on the experimental video “Wounded Sky,” which premiered as a video installation at San Diego’s Not an Exit gallery. Their collaboration was featured in San Diego CityBeat:‘wounded-sky’-at-not-an-exit-gallery.html

“Suspension” is a short film in Kendricks’ ongoing collaboration with Pelayo on a series of video-artworks titled “Elemental Magic.”

Kendricks’ select photography, drawings, and short films can be viewed on his Web site:

Director Statement

Through a menagerie of still and moving images, Neil Kendricks explores the frontier where private and public memories collide with moments of spontaneous human interactions. Using Holga medium-format and pinhole cameras to high-definition video cameras, the interdisciplinary artist courts the “happy accident” as a modus operandi.

Kendricks’s repertoire of single-channel video installation artworks is designed to envelop the viewer in a sensory bath of enigmatic, moving images and sounds. Through haunting cinematic imagery, the San Diego-based artist’s 2015 single-channel video artworks “Suspension” and “Memory Lines” capture fleeting moments of the sublime channeled through subjective points of view where epiphanies and flashes of self-discovery are experienced in public and private spaces.

Commissioned for the San Diego-based arts organization Ship in the Woods’ exhibition “Convergence,” the shape-shifting images of “Suspension” recreate the ambiguous, free-floating perceptions of an unseen character lost at sea. Photographed by Kendricks and edited by filmmaker Carlos Pelayo, the two-minute-and-34-second, experimental film was projected as an outdoor video-art installation onto Cabrillo National Monument’s famed lighthouse.

Likewise, the phantom-like faces in Kendricks’ piece “Memory Lines” hover and speak in tongues, yearning to connect through a stream-of-consciousness flow of words inspired by appropriated lines of classic movie dialogue rewritten into a new, open-ended narrative. Commissioned by UC San Diego’s ArtPower, ‘Memory Lines” was projected as a video installation at the 2015 Filmatic Festival.

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