Director BIO: Filippo Tagliati (EVE – INFINI DES FORMES)

Director Biography – Filippo Tagliati

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Filippo Tagliati is an artist and educator, born in Bologna, Italy. After earning his BA in Humanities from Universita’ di Bologna in 2001 with a concentration in Semiotics and Art History, in 2004 he moved to the USA and in 2007 he received his MFA in Photography from Arizona State University. Currently Tagliati lives and works in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA where he is an Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department at the Grand Rapids Community College.

Tagliati’s projects are at the intersection of photography, video and site-specific installations. He is interested in making connections between art, history, public space, and urban landscape.
Tagliati photographic and video projects have been exhibited and screened widely in the US and internationally and his work is included in several private collections, in the Public Art Collection of the City of Tempe, and both the Northlight Gallery and The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, at Arizona State University.

Director Statement

This short experimental movie originated from an invitation to create new work for an art exhibition called “Rodin and the Contemporary Figurative Tradition”. After a period of research in Paris at the Rodin Archive to collect ideas and material, I wanted to create an experience that could relate to the creative universe of the French sculptor but could be also connected to more general art themes. We can see many direct references to the Rodin world (his work, his women, plasters and 3D models reconstruction of body parts and more) but the two characters of the movie, identifiable as the artist and the model, are engaged in their personal journey to be and become Art and they have Rodin as inspiration only in the background.

Initially intended for a gallery and museum audience where people could come and go during any time of the projection, I didn’t want to give a typical movie structure of beginning middle and end. Also there is no dialog and the two characters are linked to each other without ever actually meeting. There is not a traditional narrative format but more an evolution of events after another and not always in chronological order.

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