Director Biography – Kasey Poracky (SHIFT)

Kasey Poracky is a Graduate Student at The Media School at Indiana University. As of May 2019, she will have graduated with an MS in Design and Production.

Always wanting to work in film but never knowing how, Kasey’s admittance into The Media School is what got her started. She has learned everything she knows in the last year and a half and is excited to continue learning the arts of editing and cinematography. Kasey hopes to work in post-production or as a director of photography one day.

Shift is Kasey’s directorial debut on a larger scale production.

Director Statement

In “Shift,” we’ve tried to marry dance and film to illustrate the power of art to transcend every day existence. Our main character, who we know only as Boy, is working studiously in the library. However, surrounded by the monotonous turning of pages, clicking of pens and churning of hands on the clock, Boy feels out of a place in a world where nothing seems particularly important. Surrounded by mountains of books, he is burdened by responsibilities he feels uninspired to meet. Hence, Boy drifts into a semi-conscious daze. Suddenly, he spots a girl across the aisle, swaying gently from side to side as she pages through a book. She contrasts to the robotic movements of the other students in the library. The girl, called Terpsichore after the Grecian Muse of Dance, takes his hand and whisks him away to a dreamscape. Suddenly, Boy finds himself sitting with his classmates at a configuration of desks. The classmates peck away at their typewriters in Orwellian fashion. Boy, isolated and depressed, looks up to see the beautiful Terpsichore return to him. His classmates disperse and Terpsichore, personifying art, leads the Boy into a romantic pas de deux. But all good things must end, and with a final stroke of his cheek, Terpsichore sends him back to reality. Now sitting back at his desk in the library, Boy contemplates his “shift” in perspective with a knowing smile.

Author: experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 4 times a year. Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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