Director Biography – Stuart T Birchall (TRISKELION)

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Writer / Director / Producer

Critically acclaimed artist Stuart T Birchall is one to watch. The enigmatic experimental filmmaker follows his hugely successful film APEX (2018) with ‘Triskelion’ a dark exploration of the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ journey.

Birchall, a self taught artist, began writing and directing in 2000. This multiple award winning director quickly established himself as a prominent music promo directors. Working with the likes of ‘Bring Me The Horizon’, ‘Young Guns’, ‘Bullet For My Valentine’, ‘Cradle Of Filth’ ‘Architects’ ‘Rammstein’ & ‘Enter Shikari’, for Sony, Virgin EMI, Columbia & Universal.

His dark and cinematic aesthetic translated through into short films, conceptual design and art direction. He is a passionate versatile artist who enjoys challenging audiences and convention. His last short film, the experimental sci-fi APEX received over 60 awards in 2018.

Birchall is currently writing an original sci-fi series alongside feature film development.


Director Statement

“I wanted to construct the narrative themes in a more challenging way, avoiding traditional structure in an attempt to create a visually and conceptually enjoyable style. Abstract enough to feel experimental and not overly cerebral in the delivery”.

“Visually it was important to employ familiar conventions, allowing the audience to enjoy the film but be a little challenged at the same time. Initially Jay (exec producer) challenged me to construct something around on of his bands more experimental tracks ‘Dying Program’. I expanded on the concept of programming, recalling I read once that ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was used as a tool for programming in mind control experiments in the 60s, so I started there and the project kind of evolved into something of its own. Some style inspirations came from classic action sequences and a shared admiration of classic anime and manga”.

So with gratitude I present ‘Triskelion’ for your consideration.

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