Director Biography – Gi Gonzales (GOLD)

Curtains open, interior director’s bio.

I grew up during the golden age of cable television, and TV was the channel for my escape to find familiarity and comfort. I lost my dad to liver cirrhosis two days before my 14th birthday. I never really got to know him, he spent some years of my childhood in prison and didn’t speak much english. I don’t even remember the sound of his voice.

But I do remember him looking through the newspaper and seeing an ad for “Kung Fu Hustle”. He took me and my younger brother to see it at the now defunct Laemmle Grand Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. Watching television or going to the movies was how my family bonded. The stories on screen were my way around our language barrier.

After my dad died, my mom moved to the Philippines to support the family. I spent a few years raising myself and was lucky to have my first existential crisis at 14 years old. Questioning death or what is life made me a weird kid.

Writing what I know helped me to understand and accept the different parts of myself, and this became the catalyst for my filmmaking philosophy: to share the common thread that connects people.

I graduated from NYU in 2017 with a degree in film & TV production. Since then I’ve been working in different film crafts to fund my passion projects, as well as involving myself behind the scenes in poetry, indie zines, and stand-up comedy. I formed A Forceful Tide Productions in 2019 with the goal of eventually making my first feature film with themes of magic-realism or high concept action.

Director Statement

Gold is about the steps we take to make sense of grief. Grief is not limited to death, you feel it when you try to consolidate versions of who you are and who you want to be. Grief is in change. Grief is in the bits of yourself that you sacrifice when other’s views limit what you can be. Grief is natural, but what I wanted to show is a cautionary tale about gamifying life. By resisting change, and trying to avoid the hard questions, you can become stuck. Gold is a reminder that if you treat life like a game, then you create losers; and sometimes, luck’s all the difference.

The script for Gold was adapted from a poem I wrote for my thesis during my creative writing minor. I wanted to create a visual poem because of the unique opportunities that come with experimental film. Gold’s surreal story challenged me to ground the film through the craft elements of film, by having visuals and sound that work together to create a world and suspend the audience’s disbelief, no matter how horrific the situation gets.

By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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