Short Film: TURNED TO LIGHT, 7min., UK, Dance

Turned To Light is a film about light, movement and unrequited love.

Elodie is madly in love, but she cannot find the words to express this to the woman she desires. However, through contemporary dance and a fantastical world of ultraviolet, she finds that both she and her lover can be turned to light together.

Exploring Queerness and the Female gaze, the confluence of light, film and dance, and the limits of language, Turned to Light demands that we see the tiniest of interactions between two individuals in a new and explosive way.

As a student project, with a budget close to zero and made in the midst of a pandemic, Turned to Light is the definition of a passion project. The vast majority of cast and crew identified as LGBTQ+ and/or female, and this allowed for an authentic appreciation and manifestation of the themes explored within the film.

“Only in the unconscious place, will the repressed manage to survive” — Hélène Cixous

“For many women, the commonest words are having to be sifted through, rejected, laid aside for a long time, or turned to the light for new colors and flashes of meaning: power, love, control, violence, political, personal, private, friendship, community, sexual, work, pain, pleasure, self, integrity” — Adrienne Rich

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