Short Film: BLOOM ON TIPTOE, 9min., South Korea, Dance

This film reveals the journey of a Korean female dancer who finds her forgotten identity.

With a feminist narrative, it embraces women who struggle with their inner or social circumstances hoping to encourage them to get through it.

She one day encounters and conflicts with her other forgotten ego. Even though she realizes her difficulties, restrictions in life as a woman, she adapts herself to it and tries to reject her other ego approaching her. After conflicting with her ego, receiving her ego, she is finally reborn as a transcendent ego.

This film is aimed to present Korean costume, Hanbok, in the narrative. The garments that a couple of dancers and a little girl wear, are the symbolic element that presents the woman dancer’s characteristics. Throughout the film, the costume changes its colour and shape, and the transformation means that the evolution of the main character’s identity.

Director – JaeKwang Han

By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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