Director Biography – Aina Lanas (desasosiego.)

Dancer, choreographer and creator in constant development and movement. Her interest in the arts begins with painting, continues with music and later focuses on dance, combining the latter with photography over a period of 3 years.

Characterized by her versatility and ease of adaptation, Aina has been experimenting in different styles and fields of urban and contemporary dance over the last 20 years. In the field of afro-descendant dances, learned between USA, France and Senegal, she has been interested in competition, freestyle, choreography and more specifically in stage creation.

Her clear interest in aesthetics and her training in photography has led her to direct numerous short video-dance films with videographer Marc Costa and with great dancers from the Spanish scene.

She has given workshops all over the peninsula as well as in Central America although she prefers the creative process to teaching. Sporadically he works for the music industry, TV, advertising and / or brands.

Always motivated with the creation and the interdisciplinary mix, Aina is constantly looking for new information and teachers to feed her knowledge. The last 4 years her development has gone hand in hand with the study of different feminisms, queer culture and artistic expressions of the LGBT communities of African descent. She currently directs her own project: Cia Aina Lanas.

Her incessant career makes her a reference of urban/contemporary dance in Spain.


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