Short Film: SUNDAY, 3min., USA, Dance

“Societies are composed of crowds, of groups, of bodies, of classes, and constitute peoples.” – Henri Lefebvre, rhythmanalysis
“Much of the wiring of our brain circuits is devoted to being in tune with others.” – Bessel van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score

Time sort of stopped. Or it stretched out, slow and amorphous, without the demarcations of social rituals, gatherings and punctuation that most people rely on to know that it’s passing. Streets went quiet; music halls, dance clubs and theaters sat empty.
SUNDAY is a danced, musical film ode to gathering spaces and the social fuel that they provide. Set to an electronic score by Tony Award-nominated composer Daniel Kluger, with cinematography by Maddy Talias, SUNDAY navigates the edges between anxiety and exultation in an empty amphitheater in the Lower East Side of New York. It’s kind of like… a nightclub, inside of a jumbled and restless mind, at the end of many months, of sitting in a living room… alone.
In a year without gathering, isolation exposed a yearning for social contact that is part of human biological wiring. Many of us have spent months alternately discussing, wallowing in, wrestling with, and marveling at that yearning. And in the meantime, we invent surrogates for that social contact; SUNDAY invites a virtual journey – not into the squares of a Zoomsphere, but into a lone person’s imagination and memory of social, expressive spaces.

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