Short Film: VEREDAS – Anunciação.22, 4min., Brazil, Fashion

Anunciação.22 commemorates the launch of VEREDAS (instagram @_veredas), a sustainability and design consultancy platform bridging the gap between artisan communities in Brazil and the international high-end designer market. Working with a cutting-edge design approach, the textiles and garments produced by VEREDAS are ethically manufactured in collaboration with the communities of their network in order to support their local economies and the preservation of cultural heritage and traditional crafts. The techniques involved in the making of the collection include handmade bobbin lace, traditional leather crafts, fibre textile techniques made with locally sourced plants, amongst others.

Anunciação.22 launches viewers into a world of craft-futurism and new sensorial topographies, as the main characters move through journeys that confront the limits of their own internal emotional landscapes, the boundaries of their relationships with others, and the impending vastness of the absurd. Reflecting some of the many facets of Latin-American culture or “Latinidade”, the film contemplates elements of magic realism – a literary movement from the global south that emulates the supernatural taking place amidst the otherwise worldly mundane – the complexity of matriarchal relationships ever-present and so deeply ingrained in the layers of Brazilian society and religious cults; and the manifestation of characters that evoke and reinvent elements of Brazilian folklore.

Above all, the essence of VEREDAS as a brand/business – and of Anunciação.22, as a media expression; is to push for a sustainable reform in the garment and fashion industry and how we engage with its visual narratives, allowing new futures to be re-imagined for people and techniques that were once rendered “outdated” and “obsolete”. All in all, it is an essence that is constantly pushing for the edge of where tradition and innovation finally meet.

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