Short Film: MODERN ARTEMIS, 9min., Mexico, Experimental

Modern Artemis invites us to reflect on body dysphoria and the decisions we can make about it. Two people see through the mirror and from the privacy of their bathroom, the physical characteristics of one another and their own from interacting, through exploration and testing alternatives from which they change part of their physiognomy until they reach a discovery, with which they feel satisfied as it presents an alternative to their previous life.

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Director Biography – Carolina Jiménez

Designer and faculty member. Graduated BFA from National School of Theatrical Art. She has been working for over 20 years and in more than 150 shows as lighting, scenic and costume designer.
Her work has been exhibited at the World Stage Design 2005, 2009 and 2017, being subsequently selected for the Exhibition Costume Design at the turn of the Century: 1990-2015 and Innovative Costume of the 21st Century, she has been a recipient of the FONCA fellowship Young Creators; the award to the Best Scenic Space in Jalisco and an award from the Crystal Screen Festival for Best Art Direction.
She directs, since 2013, the Choreographer Design project and, in 2018 she was selected to be part of the National System of Art Creators, which awards incentives to those who have given prestige to Mexico in the field of art creation, both for their leading roles and for the level of excellence achieved by their artistic work.

Director Statement

As part of the support I receive from the National System of Creators, I finished the post-production of the video Modern Artemis, where I explore the meaning of the body and explore changes that are usually considered physical through costumes.
The research was done through a trial on breast implants along with an exploration game with a set of underwear and Barbie dolls in order to determine that the feminine standards, established by these dolls (which triggered a lot of people who wanted to follow these standards to modifications) do not correspond to human physiognomy and are, therefore, unattainable.

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