Short Film: NIGHT NOISE, 2min., UK, Experimental

“Night Noise” captures the feeling of isolation and loneliness in a crowded world full of noise.

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Director Biography – Irene Marco, Markus Meedt

I/M are an award winning director/producer duo with over 10 years of experience in commercials, music videos and narrative.

Irene Marco and Markus Meedt, in short I/M, combine their vastly varying styles to create oddly comedic, and derragnely dramatic content.

Irene’s background in dance and her upbringing in Mexico City gave her an elegantly raw approach to storytelling and her visuals challenge what the audience will take from every frame. Message is key in her work, as entertainment becomes the transistor for a larger life lesson, affecting and effecting her audience.

Markus’ background in commercial and his love for genre films, give him a cinematic yet unique approach to storytelling, that enables him to make engaging content which understands its audience. His offbeat sense of humour, allows his stories to surprise the audience in unexpected ways.

With their Mexican/German heads combined I/M give life to modern/traditional arthouse/cinema in everything music/narrative/commercial.

Director Statement

Night Noise was the result of our rebellion against the sluggishness that had overcome us during Lockdown.

After struggling to do any creative work, facing writers block and not many shoots happening in general, we decided that we can’t let this year come to an end, without one final push.

Not entirely sure where this stroppy rampage would take us, we left the house at 3 in the morning with a camera and tried to find a way to capture our current state of mind. Disconnected and confused, but also hopeful and eager.

With a deadline for the Shiny – New Director awards looming less than 3 days away since that early morning, we sat down and completed the film within 48 hours.
After months of feeling a certain creative lull that allowed all of our insecurities to balloon to new heights, Night Noise became a therapeutic lifeline for us. We hope the film gives the audience a similarly hopeful outlook and an encouraging call to action to push through the night and embrace a new day to come.


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Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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