Short Film: A NEW BEGINNING, 4min,. France, Fashion

Directed by Christophe Chudy
The pioneers of a new era, of a new territory, of a new yourself are standing.

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Director Biography – Christophe Chudy

Christophe Chudy has directed commercials for prestigious beauty brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Clarins, L’Oréal, Lancôme, Kerastase, Shu Uemura…

Prior to becoming a beauty director, Christophe worked as a photographer, editor, graphic designer and DJ. His multidisciplinary approach is found underneath in his work. His love and passion for music is clearly apparent in his films. It is obvious that he places a particular emphasis on the rhythm of the images. His visual style is highly sensitive, human, elegant and contemporary.

Director Statement

For “A New Beginning”, the exploration is not only about fashion and identity, it is also about technology.
In order to create these stunning set designs, we developed exclusive technics about 3D tracking and live compositing. The production and VFX studio « Bend » teamed up with Assimilate® to refine their R&D about live VFX.

The models were shot on green screen but all the set design was generated and composited live. It followed all the camera mouvements and focus like we were on a real location. Beyond the unseen before 3D tracking technics, the final result was broadcasted on every screens on set with color grading, masking and some vfx, live!

This was a true experimental process, the softwares used of this project were currently developed and refined for our shooting! For sure, another new beginning.

This film was a personal project. Vogue Portugal and especially Sofia Lucas the Editor In Chief dared to get involved at the very beginning. Moreover, stills from the film were published in the November Issue’s print edition! Literally, we have printed a film! Thank you again to their looking forward vision and expectations.


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