Short Film: NATURA MAGICA, 4min., Nigeria, Musical

Directed by Omowonuola Motunrayo Olaogun
In Africa, the art of hand crafting on fabrics dates a few centuries back. Preserving the heritage of hand woven cotton and the tradition of hand made prints from Mali to Nigeria by passing on the savoir-faire to today’s younger generation is an epitome of sustainability.

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Director Biography – Omowonuola Motunrayo Olaogun

Motunrayo is often called Ayo, she is a creative whose
​ higher education began with life sciences, and then she studied Fashion Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, one of Europe’s most renowned art universities.

Motunrayo is a sustainability enthusiast who is committed to impacting lives and fostering sustainability through education in Africa. Motunrayo is also training African youth, especially women to become professionals in the fashion industry.

Motunrayo founded the Sunshine Project, a charity mission in 2012 and has completed several campaigns to meet the social needs of under-privileged children.

She is energetic and optimistic, a purpose-driven leader and a natural-born creative head.

Director Statement

As a sustainability enthusiast, repositioning my work as environmental friendly with a “slow with soul” approach, and sustainability at its centre is really important to me.

Contributing to the sustenance and the transfer of savoir-faire is a key pillar in sustainability. Collaborating with local farmers growing cotton in Africa, working with local weavers who hand-spin these, and teaming up with local artisans who design fabrics with hand-cut stencils is a tradition and a heritage that must be preserved.

In other words, my aim is to uphold the heritage of African handmade crafts, to contribute to the livelihood of artisans in their local communities and to promote arts made in Africa on the international forefronts.


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