Director Biography – Anjela Vega (THANATOS)

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A self-taught dancer, Anjela Vega later trained with companies such as Pilobolus and Push Physical Theatre. In 2008 she founded Post Mortem Movement Theater and has been creating new works with them ever since. She recently won a grant to study in Spoleto, Italy with top directors and choreographers, and won a full scholarship to the British American Drama Academy (BADA), where she studied under John Barton. In 2016 she was Francis Ford Coppola’s Movement Coordinator on an experimental piece called Distant Vision. She currently directs music videos for companies such as WONK Inc. and continues to direct theatre.


Director Statement


The creators of this project want to highlight the importance and power of women’s voices, and honor a legacy of female artists who dared to create a vision beyond the rules, order, and confining “sense” of the patriarchy. This series of music videos celebrates “nonsense” both as an embrace of absurdity as a mandate in times that are equally and destructively absurd, while reclaiming the power of the “nonsense” and “madness” of the intuition, the dreamstate, and the creative vision that explore a deeper reality.