Experimental/Dance/Music Festival Testimonial – May 18 2020

 Filmmaker Léwuga Benson (TIME TO LEAVE)

It was great to hear that it resonated with people and to hear people’s impressions. We were actually able to attend the festival the night our film was screened, so we also got feel the energy in the theater as people were watching it, which was exciting.

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Experimental Festival Testimonial – April 30 2020

Filmmaker/Actor Hannah Bonecutter (MINSTREL VS PUPPET)

I was extremely excited and happy while listening to the audience feedback in film! I think many of them understood the duality in the film quite well, and the women’s responses were extremely satisfying to hear, especially the comments on how Minstrel vs. Puppet was “refreshing” and how it calls for us to “pull together.”

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June 20, 2018 – Today’s Experimental Festival TESTIMONIAL

Leigh Bloomfield
Leigh Bloomfield

A wonderful festival for submitting Experimental, Dance and Music, films.

5 Star Review

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June 13, 2018 – Today’s Experimental Festival TESTIMONIAL

From Filmmaker Dazhi Huang (NIGHT LIVE)

I discovered a lot of new things that I never knew about my own film, so I was amazed.

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