Director Biography – Marco Molinelli, Sic Est (BEHOLD THE MAN)

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Filmmaker and video artist.
In 2002 founded Postodellefragole, a collective of italian artists and filmmakers, and started focussing on independent film’s language.
Friendly also with the music’s language, starts to collect many awards as music video’s director: Best video of the year (PVI 2005), Antville music awards (best cinema section on 2007), Best italian director (PIVI 2007).
The music video REMEMBER SAMMY JENKINS was published in the Inside Fly magazine (NY) beside of Ryan McGinness and John Malkovich. In 2009 he direct BEAUTIFUL LOSER Documentary, a film about the contemporary art scene in america.
He did several important commercial for brand like FENDI, NIKE, DUCATI, BEATS, GRAFF, PINKO and for tv groups like FOX, HISTORY CHANNEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.
He won the GOLD PROMAX WORLD AWARD for co-directing Italian Souvenir, a small series of spot for HISTORY CHANNEL.
He lives and works in Italy.

Director Statement

We imagined representing the limits that life impose you as a clash between human bodies that bumping themselves making happen weird reactions. it really amused us.
Plus we imagined a grand finale, in which we chose to dress our human beings with a shining metal, a sort of a suit of armor, like an evolution of the species and an even stronger movement in search of freedom. But isn’t that already happened?