COOK – EL MANIJAZO Short Film. – Audience FEEDBACK from Nov. 2018 Experimental Festival

COOK – EL MANIJAZO, 6min., Argentina, Music Video

Directed by Xiomara Wissocq

Music Video of the argentinian band “El Manijazo”. The narrative is about a cook of a fishing vessel who doesn’t want to be a sailor neither a captain.

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Director BIO: Xiomara Wissocq (COOK – EL MANIJAZO)

Director Biography – Xiomara Wissocq

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Xiomara Wissocq, Franco-Venezuelan, born on December 14th of 1992 . She began her artistic path in Venezuela at age 15 at the Technical School of Plastic Arts “Eloy Palacios”, receiving as a photography technician at age 18. Her first step as a photographer is closely linked to photo-documentalism, which leads her to work for different local newspapers.

At age 19 she moved to Argentina starting her studies in Direction of Photography at the National University of La Plata (UNLP).

She currently works as Director, Photographer and Producer of Audiovisual Arts.