Director BIO: Darryl Pace

Short Film: Playing at the EXPERIMENTAL Film Festival – Thursday December 28, 2017

Director Biography


Darryl Pace (Director, Camrea operator, Editing, UAV, Website design) – Born 1990, educated at Brechin High School , Darryl competed in high level swimming throughout his teenage years, eventually representing Scotland. He also competed in gruelling open water swimming events such as the Tay Bridge to bridge swim. Other sports such as rugby and shooting were also big on the agenda. All this put him in good stead to leave high school in 2008 and join the Royal Navy as a Mine Clearance Diver.

After a year of intensive selections and punishing tests, Darryl passed out as a Clearance Diver, going straight into the 1st Mine Counter Measure Squadron, deploying to the Baltic Sea for 7 months searching for old and new unexploded ordnance. Darryl’s second deployment was in the Middle East, undertaking a force protection role and searching for more unexploded ordnance. This was a much more hostile environment.

On returning home from that second deployment, Darryl was sent to Northern Diving group in Faslane, Scotland. The primary role was to support Nuclear submarines in diving work, as well as duty watch for Bomb Disposal across the whole of Scotland. This took him on many remote trips around the country.

Darryl left the Navy in 2014, moving to Australia to work as a commercial diver. There he gained valuable experience outside of military life, returning to the UK with an even bigger passion for exploring and adventure.

Director Statement

A search for a greater meaning in life, two brothers embark on a journey of discovery. Leaving the mundane day to day grind behind, they wonder to the distant corners of Norway in a search of an answer to the deep seated question of who they really are. What they didn’t realise was the answer lay closer to home, and in a form embedded so deeply in their past, it was the basis of who everyone is.


By experimentalfilmfestival

Festival occurs 3 times a month! Showcased the best of experimental short films and music videos from around the world.

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