Director BIO: Rafael Fabres (PEREGRINO – “O´DEATH”)

Director Biography – Rafael Fabres (Madrid,1982), is a Spanish photographer and videographer. He attended University and completed a degree in Media Comunications (UEM) and Photography (EFTI) in Madrid. Between 2010 and 2017 he has been based in Latin and Central America focused on long term projects such as his awarded work in Brazil. His work leans… Continue reading Director BIO: Rafael Fabres (PEREGRINO – “O´DEATH”)

Short Film: PEREGRINO – “O’DEATH”, 4min., Spain, Music Video

The video shows a journey through the conception of Death in Mexico through the eyes of the main character. During his journey, the figure of Death appears recurrently among Santería ceremonies, cemeteries, indigent homes, churches or the border with the United States of America. Project Links  Website Film Type: Music Video Runtime: 4 minutes 15… Continue reading Short Film: PEREGRINO – “O’DEATH”, 4min., Spain, Music Video