Director BIO: Stephanie Peters (SOLARIS)

Director Biography – Stephanie Peters

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Stephanie Peters is a Video Artist, Digital Designer and Animator, and Film Maker. She graduated in 2010 from RMIT university with a BA of Fine Arts, majoring in Media Arts. She has continued to practice most notably as a video artist exhibiting interactive multi media works including Melbourne Festival, Gertrude Street Projection Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival, as well as being a current member of Audio Visual band Fierce Mild, with whom she creates live visuals for.

2017 saw Stephanie create a multi media interactive installation murder mystery podcast, based on the series Serial, Edit and Direct 2 music videos for A/V band Fierce Mild, as well as tour Australia performing with Fierce Mild and Video and Sound collective IICX.

Short Film: SOLARIS, 5min., Australia, Music Video

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Directed and edited by filmmaker and band member Stephanie Peters, the clips journey into the twisted and depraved mind of a psychopath is inspired by none other than the Crawford Family murders whose deaths rocked Australia’s Great Ocean Road community in the 1970’s and to date whose killer has never been found. “

The music for Solaris was written in an abandoned old farmhouse that we have access to near the great ocean road; as a response to a dream journal. When Steph hatched the idea for exploring the Crawford Family Murders it just seemed beautifully cyclical that we return to the place where the music was conjured up ”.

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