Watch Music Video: Ill City by Dusty Files

The track is by Dusty Files, who is a track maker duo in Brooklyn. The video is made by Manato Ichikawa, a filmmaker in Tokyo.
This video is about a guy, who works as an office worker and doesn’t really like what he’s doing, accidentally got electric shot and experience weird rebirth while he passed out. In his dream, he kills the old him, whom he didn’t like, and when he wakes up, he got reborn.

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Watch Music Video: Joe Black “War”

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The music video for Joe Black’s debut single ‘War’, shot on location in Nashville, Tennessee; Columbia, Tennessee; and Shelbyville, Tennessee

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    Amanda is a writer, director and producer who splits her time between Nashville and Los Angeles. She has worked as a grammy-award-winning artist’s documentarian, has worked as an associate producer/shooter in reality television, has directed music videos, and has produced digital content for brands and musicians since 2010. Her pilot script, “Smart Women”, co-written with her best friend from college, Arian Nabavian, won second place in Scriptapalooza’s 2015 television writing contest. Her work has been featured in the Oasis Short Film Festival Screening, SXSW, and on CMT. Amanda studied filmmaking and screenwriting at Chapman University in Orange, California.

    Director Statement

    Shot in the Southeast United States, War is the debut music video for artist Joe Black. Directed by filmmaker Amanda Young, War seeks to depict life in the modern south, as it truly is today.

Watch Music Video: THE ANTIKAROSHI “Interlinear”

From the LP, 11 Songs Mostly Written And Played On Wednesday Evenings By A Band Called The Antikaroshi. Vinyl-only release by Exile On Mainstream:

Video filmed and directed by Georg Petzold.

The video starts on a late morning in New York City, filming in a subjective manner. Different perspectives of the city appear, in addition to minimalist exposures of human footprints in different environments. This all rises up to capturing images of people’s faces that expose their direct response to their own inner worlds. While the day passes along, the intensity of traffic increases until night falls and blends from the distance into the silhouette of New York City. In the early morning the following day, a few people tramp along 125th street on the east side of Harlem, as the traffic starts to build up for the day. A wide shot over a river reveals the dark blue skyline of the city and all movement begins again.

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