Short Film: PLUS MINUS, 1min., Germany, Music Video

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In mathematics, plus minus indicates a choice of exactly two possible values, one of which is the negation of the other.
This is my interpretation of a couple trying to survive the insurmountable differences between them.

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  • Film Type:
    Experimental, Music Video, Short, Web / New Media, Other
  • Genres:
    romance, narrative, lyrical, short, drama, lifestyle, travel, vignette, lovestory, breakup, minishort, microshort
  • Runtime:
    1 minute 27 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 15, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    10,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Film Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:

Watch Music Video: GENTS – I Wanna Be Free

Taken from debut album ‘About Time’ out now via The Big Oil Recording Company. Stream:

Music by GENTS

Written and directed: Rasmus K. Petersen
Cinematography: Carl August Jansson
Producer: Robin Hounisen
Production design: Ane Cornelia Pade
Editor and effects: Oliver Jeppe Hagde
Make-up artist: Nadja Sanimuinaq Hansen
Assistent camera: Mads Elsass
Production design assistents: Jamilla Mahmoud Henriques & Lucille Groos
1AD: Sarah Jane Redmond

Esther Oxfeldt
Abel Nørgaard Dalum
Niels Wendelboe
Zelma Feldman Lewerissa
Alba Akvama Hoffmeyer
Camille Linnea
Adrian Cadan
Gustav Frich
Daniel Shamitha Bendtsen
Trygve Bechsgaard
Lucille Groos
Skjold Rambow
Bo Hollenberg Jørgensen
Ludvig Brostrup
Nina Terese Rask
Ida Sandgren
Oskar Sandgren
Emma Marott
Kirstine Siegumfeldt
Nikolai Østenlund
Marie Reuther

Big thanks to:
Autonorden A/S
Roskilde Kommune
Bo Hollenberg Jørgensen
Musikteateret Albertslund
Dragon City
Martin Paarup Hansen
Brian Raaby Andersen
Péter Becz
Mevlüt Yilmaz
Andrea Therese Kaaber
Tashrifa Mahmoud
Ved Amagerport 7

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Watch Music Video: Noel Holmes – Hypnotize

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HoopSong/Video from Noel Holmes “HYPNOTIZE”…all homemade and home recorded

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Noel holmes resize

Hi Folks my name is Noel Holmes I write/record/produce my own songs and videos you can check out my work on the project links section of this page…or simply google noel holmes…thanks…

Watch Music Video: SWITZERLAND, by Angie Violet Hawes

Angel’s original song and music video.
Angel is 16 years old
Follow Angel on Instagram angel_violet_hawes

Director Biography


Angel Violet is a sixteen year old award winning film maker. She is a singer/song writer, actress, and story writer. Angel has been doing many wonderful workshops for acting and taking ongoing acting classes including learning different accents with Tony Alcantar, internationally renowned dialect coach.
She’s also an athlete that likes to train before school every day. Although she loves to do all these things, her true passion is making a music video to one of her songs that she wrote.

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Watch Music Video: Food To Ate, by Random Ran

his is a video for the song “Food To Ate”
off the upcoming album release “The Broke Leg EP.”
This track is old school nursery rhymes with a little modern twist.

feat. Michael “Baba” Raudenbush

Video, Illustration, and Animation
by Randy J. Huling

Watch Music Video: Delightful by Katie Garibaldi

“From a letter to a friend” documents a desperate need. Shot exclusively with a 500mm fixed telephoto lens, the film explores the simultaneous distance and closeness of interacting with another. The inevitable failures of communication, the impossibility of translation, and despite it all, our unceasing, absolute need for companionship. Language can only do so much. We have to do the everything else.

Directed by Anna Haas (
Director of Photography – Austin Boylen (
Edited by Austin Boylen and Anna Haas
Camera Assist – Nick Bailey
Hair and Makeup- Nissi Lee (
Josh Played by Ryan Watson
Extras: Alex Vaughan, Alana Griffith, Andre Collins, Becca Tremmel, Brian Joseph, Hai Anh Din, Kevin Ray Brost, Marissa Wheeler, Mikey See, Nissi Lee Bergman, Phil Lester, Rachel Pearl, Rob Hampton, Shannon Spencer, Stephen Watkins, Suzanna Thompson, Taryn Alese, Xerxes Sabb

Many thanks to the following locations in Nashville, Tennessee : Atmalogy, Book Man Book Woman, Pangaea, Rumours East, Tempered Cafe & Chocolate, FLWR Shop, Springwater Supper Club & Lounge, Julia and Natalie Sinclair.

Rooted Clarity featuring “Delightful” is out now!

“Delightful” song credits:
Katie Garibaldi – Vocals/Guitar
Kevin Blair – Bass
Tim Fellow – Percussion
Arturo Garza – Keyboards
JP Shafer – Fiddle
Nathan Lowry – Violin
Emily Nelson – Cello

Watch Music Video: Mama’s gettin’ into Grandpa’s Ganja – song from the album ‘Genre Bender’

Mggg stillMusic video. Mama makes a delightful discovery!

Director Biography

Jessica Hall is a Yukon director and producer who works with local musicians to produce live performance videos, live off the floor and music videos to help promote their music. She is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s film program, is an active board member and current president of the Yukon Film Society.

Watch Music Video: Origami – M. Del Carpio

Martin del carpio origami 3The video aims to capture a raw, organic, tactile energy by scratching and painting directly onto found super 8mm celluloid film. I wanted the film to feel like it’s barely holding itself together and the whole thing could collapse at any moment. The film spontaneously flickers and burns, until it loses stability entirely and begins to break apart.

Director Biography

Andy Sowerby is filmmaker and visual artist. Andy has a process driven practice, through an experimental and innovative approach to equipment and materials, that moves between both narrative and abstract work. Andy’s films have been selected for a variety of film festivals including London Short Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival and BBC Music Video Festival.

Director Statement

The video aims to capture a raw, organic, tactile energy by scratching and painting directly onto found super 8mm celluloid film. I wanted the film to feel like it’s barely holding itself together and the whole thing could collapse at any moment. The film spontaneously flickers and burns, until it loses stability entirely and begins to break apart. – Andy Sowerby (Video Artist)

Origami is basically a spontaneous fold of sounds with the impulse of being able to soar in the sky and not be afraid to crash on the ground below as the aftereffect. It’s an organic expression of our own sensibilities. – Martin Del Carpio (Music Artist)


Watch Music Video: Naked Lunch | Hammer It All

PlakatA man is living his life. Or is his life living him? He is performing life’s menial tasks as opposed to taking the chances that come before him. One day he has to face the fact he is out of time.

Director Biography


Tobias Steiner is a young independent filmmaker from Austria. He first started filmmaking with stop motion videos. Later he moved on to produce and direct several low budget short movies and music videos. After which he tried to get into filmschool without success. He decided to leave his hometown at the age of 19 to travel the world. Currently he is working on several screenwritings as he explores other cultures.

Director Statement

This is a music video looking at movement. The subject remains still as his surroundings change and move on, depicting his moving on in life. The video looks to show how the subject is not taking his chances in life and wastes his time performing life’s menial tasks. He has a sudden realisation at the end of the video, he has no time left.

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