Watch Music Video: Noel Holmes – Hypnotize

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HoopSong/Video from Noel Holmes “HYPNOTIZE”…all homemade and home recorded

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Noel holmes resize

Hi Folks my name is Noel Holmes I write/record/produce my own songs and videos you can check out my work on the project links section of this page…or simply google noel holmes…thanks…

Watch Short Film: CITIRAMA: where the patterns of architecture join the rhythms of music

Directed by Terry Trickett

As a piece of Visual Music, CITIRAMA combines moving visual imagery with musical performance on solo clarinet. The images conjured up in CITIRAMA take flight into a realm of fantasy, where the rhythms of music join the patterns of architecture to celebrate the qualities of an exceptional building – the Leadenhall Building known colloquially as the ‘cheesegrater’ – in the City of London. CITIRAMA is an experimental performance that reveals a new type of relationship between music and architecture – no longer frozen but, instead, constantly moving and inventive.

Director Biography

Portrait of me

My activities in digital art have been influenced, in part, by my work as an architect and designer but, also, by my involvement, over many years, in an initiative that succeeded in bringing the disciplines of science and art closer together. With the Wellcome Trust, I invented and instigated a wide-ranging project (Sci-Art) in which scientists and artists, working in partnership, were encouraged to pool their ideas and, thereby, maximize each other’s creative potential. This project ran with considerable success for 10 years (1997 – 2006).

It’s this interest in the dual worlds of art and science that pervades my cross-disciplinary approach towards creating Visual Music. The method I adopt in harnessing together music and digital imagery was sparked off by a visit to the V&A’s Decode exhibition, in 2010, when I became aware of the opportunities offered by coding. At the exhibition, many works were built with Processing – an advanced program for creating movement – which led to me learning the techniques involved and then extending these skills into the realm of Visual Music.

Director Statement

The themes I select for my Visual Music presentations and performances, encapsulate a disparate set of interests and ideas that, more often than not, have been latent in my mind for quite some time. These ideas range far and wide, usually stemming from my past or current activities in music, art and science, design and architecture. Always, in creating a piece of Visual Music, my aim is to share and communicate my idea through a process which combines moving visual imagery with musical performance, usually on solo clarinet.

My Visual Music pieces have relevance at more than one level of interest and understanding; sometimes, they are primarily musical; at other times, my aim is to tackle a difficult subject or to put forward a controversial point-of-view.

Watch Short Film: Hello, GOODBYE (dir. Jerry Sangiuliano)

Experimental 7.5 minutes consisting of a cast of thousands of talking heads in different languages and emotions (laughing, crying, arguing) merging abstractly into one universal head, evoking the fleeting oneness of humanity.


Watch Short Film: THE BOX (Dir. Geena Matuson)


Geenamatuson thebox 05 vertA girl is trapped in a box – or, is she? This 16mm/HD, surrealist short follows Luna as she listlessly travels through different environments, trying to find a way out of ‘the box’ in which she is trapped. However, this dreamlike journey takes the girl in a circle, one door simply leading to another – does she truly find her way out?

The experimental 16mm film/HDV short ‘The Box’ is a silent film featuring original music by Geena Matuson and works of John Cage. All double-exposure for this film was done in-camera.

Director Biography

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Geena Matuson is The Girl Mirage, award-winning Multimedia Director and Digital Producer with a background in marketing and communications, writing, new media and traditional arts. 
A deep interest in semiotics and psychology, Geena’s personal work often evokes a sense of synaesthesia, and even a sense of humor.

Largely an auditory learner, sound and rhythm play a central role, and a focus on symbolism and dreams add to the experimental and often surreal nature carried throughout the body of her work, creating a holistic experience.

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Director Statement

“My work focuses on the concept of time, human psychology, and the dream state – reality versus surreality – and, through these ideas, a commentary on society and social structure.”

– Geena Matuson


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Watch Music Video: Scaramanga Silk – ‘Life in the Faslow Lane’ [Official Video] (Directed by Andy Sowerby)

Faslow still 00 02 40 23A man gets chased by a scribble.

Director Biography

Andy doll

Andy Sowerby is filmmaker and visual artist. Andy has a process driven practice, through an experimental and innovative approach to equipment and materials.

Andy’s practice often moves between both narrative, story driven work and abstract, expressive work. Subject matters range from abstract colour, light, macro worlds, distortions, visual metaphor, emotional response, personal relationships, and our relationship to art and images.

Graduate of Newport Film School UK, his films have been selected for a variety of film festivals including London Short Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, and BBC Music Video Festival.

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Watch Music Video: A Song of Pilot Whale Fog

Music video created, produced and filmed by Bonnie Carini of Hawaii Island Melody and Lyrics written by Bonnie Carini Melody sung by Sierra Spruce of Hawaii Island

Macrorhynchus4This is a music video that I created and produced for my movie project PILOT WHALE FOG, a story of two broken families, one from Hawaii and the other from the Faroe Islands where most of the story takes place, who are brought together by tragedy and music, but their cultural beliefs keep them in conflict until they are unified by a pilot whale.
I wrote the lyrics and melody and the footage I shot in Hawaii and the Faroe Islands. I used footage that would visually aid in the telling of the story in A SONG OF PILOT WHALE FOG. It is a piece, which celebrates Faroese and Hawaiian culture, the beauty of both archipelagos, and the pilot whales.

Saxophone tracks: Villu Veski of Estonia
Vocals: Sierra Spruce of Hawaii Island sings the melody and Eivor Pallsdottir of the Faroe Islands vocalizes with sax and pilot whale sounds in the prelude.
Hawaiian chant of the refrain: Mahina Saunders
Hula: Melody Reyes

Director Biography


I am a published writer/photographer with a background in marine ecology and have focused mostly on pelagic animals, from plankton to sharks, dolphins and whales. My articles and photographs have appeared in magazines and books around the world. I am also a produced cinematographer and have sold footage to Animal Planet, National Geographic, BBC and Nature, to list a few. I directed and shot the underwater segment for the original NBC documentary, The Road to Ironman. I have had one of my screenplays optioned, Pilot Whale Fog, which was chosen as an official finalist in; The International Family Film Festival 2014, The Cannes Screenplay Contest 2015 and The New York Screenplay Contest 2016. My music video, A Song of Pilot Whale Fog, won the Silver Lei Award at the 2017 Honolulu Film Awards.

Director Statement

The allure of whales and dolphins is strong and for decades battles have ensued globally against their slaughter and captivity. I first became aware of the grindadrap (pilot whale slaughter) in the Faroe Islands over 3 decades ago and it remained in the back of my mind up until about a decade ago when I read an article by the Canadian activist, Paul Watson, entitled; The Ferocious Faroe Islands. I’ve spent much of my life in and around sea observing and filming marine life and am especially fond of the pilot whales. I found the article though, derogatory to the point of being ineffective to ending the grindadrap. In fact, the Faroese are incensed at Paul Watson’s audacity and continue to whale as they have been doing for over a thousand years. My Faroese experience has, so far, evolved into a short documentary, a music video and an award-winning screenplay where the grindadrap is at the heart of the main conflict in the story, but is portrayed and dealt with fairly and considerately through multiple perspectives. My
PILOT WHALE FOG film/music project is a celebration of the Faroese and Hawaiian culture, the natural beauty of both archipelagos, and the pilot whales.

Watch Short Film: Pain in Colour // or: Qualcosa che all’oggetto non s’apprende (Dir. Matthew Griffith)

password: Afterthecrash

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ColourA visual translation of a lyric poem about pain and invisible disability, this video features an intimate and colourful performance fragmented across two screens, inviting the viewer to look at rather than look through.

Director Biography

Img 5607

PhD student at Harvard University in Critical Media Practice and Romance Literatures.

Director Statement

Originally conceived as a visual translation of a lyric poem by Patrizia Cavalli concerning chronic pain and disability, this video features an intimate and colourful performance incarnating an interpretation of the poem through the gesture of covering oneself with brightly coloured paint, evoking the intimate act of pain relieving self-massage as a way of making invisible disability visible.

Rather than merely displaying the performance for the viewer, whose role would be passive, almost voyeuristic, thereby limiting the exploitation of video as a medium to its infinite repeatability, the performance is fragmented across two screens that are then themselves recorded in video together, effectively reducing a two channel video installation to a single channel.

This is done with the goal of breaking any lingering illusion of realism that the moving image brings with it, requiring a more active role from the viewer as they are forced to look at, rather than look through, the screen, complicating an otherwise voyeuristic spectatorial experience, forcing the attention on the spectator themselves rather than the performer and, intermediately, on the screen itself.

Throughout the video, the sound of a screen unfurling evokes what would otherwise be (had the performance simply been presented documentaristically) a distant and discordant sensorial experience resulting from the act of projection.


My art practice has formed in conjunction with my scholarly research on emerging forms of literary expression and their relationship to moving image art. I’m most interested in the period from the moment the cinema entered the gallery in the 60s to the pre web 2.0 net.poetry of the 90s, and my research is increasingly focused on the screen itself as a site of projection, proliferation and mediation. This piece in particular is the result of combining these currents of thought with my goal to increase awareness of invisible disability.


Watch Short Film: UNEASINESS (Dir. Viacheslav Pareniuk, Igor Pareniuk)

Password: 486405387
Genre: experimental, atmospheric
Duration: 9`34 min.
Directed by: Viacheslav Pareniuk, Igor Pareniuk, 
Photography: Viacheslav Pareniuk, Igor Pareniuk, 
Film editing: Viacheslav Pareniuk, Igor Pareniuk, 
Uneasiness is a feeling of strain and pressure, can be external and related to the environment, but may also be created by internal perceptions that cause an individual to experience anxiety or other negative emotions surrounding a situation, such as stress, discomfort, which they then deem uneasiness.
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Viacheslav pareniuk

Cinematographer originally from Ukraine, Kyiv. Have graduated from the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, from which received a Master Degree majoring in «Film and Television Arts». At this moment stading at Aristotle University in the Faculty of Cinematography (Greece, Thessaloniki).

Watch Short Film: Two Steps Forward – SEA STACKS (Dir. James Sampson)

Available to download:

Producer / Director / Editor: James Sampson

DoP: Dave Mackie Choreography: SALSAROSA (Stella Papi, Elisa Vassena)

Grader: Matthew Falconer

Dancers: Elisa Vassena & Rob Keates

Music by: SEA STACKS

Director Biography

James sampson

James is a Director and Editor of short films, music videos and promos based in Bristol, UK. His work has been screen internationally, combining stunning visuals with personal insights into the human condition.

Director BIO: Shane Beam (CONDITIONER)

Short Film: Playing at the EXPERIMENTAL Film Festival – Thursday December 28, 2017

Director Biography

Shanebeam bio

Shane Beam is an animator/illustrator floating somewhere between Chicago and Virginia. He has a passion for unique forms of storytelling and unintelligible characters, drawing inspiration primarily from extended periods of time underwater.

Director Statement

CONDITIONER explores themes of nostalgia, self realization, and the futility of anxiety. This film recycles monologues I wrote with my friends in high school, scrambles them, realigns them into a story, and then scrambles them again into abstracted fragments.