Director BIO: Bruce Gil (Collide – I am Found)

Director – Bruce Gil

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Director Statement

I’m a director, cinematographer, sound designer, and platinum producer with 15 years experience in the industry.

I want to create immersive experiences; my mission is to catch the spirit of my subjects and helps them to express their feelings and their personal stories.

Natural light is what it helps me to find the right mood of light and create something that enlights the soul of the environment where I shoot.

Sound it help me to design the beauty and atmosphere; music is my way to helps my story to evolve and create emotions.

I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia

Short Film: COLLIDE – I AM FOUND, 4min., Australia, Music Video

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This music video tells of a soul’s journey; fighting with inner demons and the desire to submit to fear, before finding courage, fighting back and emerging into the light. It also illustrates the journey of self discovery; the often anxious and obstacle-ridden task of finding one’s purpose in this life and the brilliant moment when one recognises their calling and aligns with it.

Collide is a unique cinematic music project emerging from Australia and consisting of multi-instrumentalists Joe Taranto and Jess Graham. Founded by two award winning musicians and composers, together they create emotive and dynamic music for film, television, and other commercial mediums.

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