STOPGAP IN STOP MOTION Short Film. – Audience FEEDBACK from Nov. 2018 Experimental Festival


Directed by Stephen Featherstone

Photographs of performers in a disabled and non-disabled dance company come to life. The individual artists dance out of the photos and across table tops until the whole company meet and perform in unison. Completed in 2016, this is a promotional film for Stopgap Dance Company.

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Director BIO: Stephen Featherstone (STOPGAP IN STOP MOTION)

Director Biography – Stephen Featherstone

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Stephen Featherstone is a filmmaker and animator based in the UK. His practice merges his background in Fine Art and his experience in the animation industry to develop an approach to filmmaking that allows him to work independently, and to use moving image media as means of personal expression, while making films that retain a clear relationship to mainstream cinema. He works on commissions, in collaboration with others, and on personal projects. Recent films include a series of live action productions with Nunkie Theatre based on the ghost stories of M. R. James and a dance film, utilizing live action and animation techniques, commissioned by Stopgap Dance Company.