Watch Experimental Short Film: :\Eclipsed – Directed by Nicole Baker

:\Eclipsed is the creation myth of an ancient civilization preserved on a degraded data-storage device discovered by archaeologists in a distant future.

Before the rise of humans, earth was inhabited by spirits. When two of these spirits join together, their union creates humanity. Driven out of their home by the growing population of man, the other spirits turn them into the Sun and the Moon and imprison them in the sky, cursed to never meet again except when there is an eclipse.

Director Biography

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Nicole Baker works in film, sculpture, and installation art. Her work has been screened internationally and she was recently the recipient of the Joe Couch Award in Experimentation at the North Portland Unknown Film Festival in Portland, OR.

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Watch Experimental Film: COOKING THE EARTH, by Michele D’Acosta

1 Chef – 1 Kitchen – 1 Climate Crime!

A recipe for disaster: a hope for change.

Cooking The Earth is a surreal animated and live action short film with the theme relating to our global responsibility to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Why is this a burning issue? We can emit 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide and stay below 2°C of warming — anything more than that risks catastrophe for life on earth. Burning the fossil fuel that corporations now have in their reserves would result in emitting 2,795 gigatons of carbon dioxide — five times the safe amount. Fossil fuel companies are planning to burn it all — unless we rise up to stop them.

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I am passionate about bringing the message of this film to a wider audience. SHARE Cooking The Earth on social media with #ActOnClimate

Join the Fossil Free Divestment Movement at

Join a global movement that’s inspiring the world to rise up against the crisis of climate change.

We have less than 5 years to act on climate change or severely increase risk of human extinction.

For more information on Cooking The Earth
Director/Animator/Editor: Michele D’Acosta
Writer/Producer/Copyright: eliza wyatt
Chef: Andy Boughtflower
Camera Operator: George Ravenscroft
Huw Evans: Sound Recordist
Music: Future of Forestry
Online: Christopher Gray

Director Biography

Michele dacosta1

Michele D’Acosta is a filmmaker and producer with 25+ years industry experience in broadcast television, animation, investigative journalism and feature documentary filmmaking in the US, UK, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Russia. Passionate about making films to create positive social change.


Director Statement

My early training as a dancer gave me the courage to investigate and discover that it is vital to curate the trail of footprints that encode one’s imprint upon Mother Earth.

The following years were immersed in transcribing what I felt to be messages from the past, present and future. It took several more years before my search for answers brought me to filmmaking, poetry and spiritual activism as catalysts for positive social change.

Through writing, film, photography, painting and humanitarian work with The Peace Project, I began to discover clues to link the scattered threads of my African Diaspora heritage and to weave together an identity using an artistic process similar to collage.

In recognition of this spiritual journey, one of the films I’m most proud of producing is BIGGIE AND TUPAC, chosen by SUPER SIZE ME filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, as one of the 50 Documentaries to See Before You Die.

Watch Experimental Short Film: Denis The Night & The Panic Party – How Long Will Be Now

Poster low resThe song “How long will be now” is played by an endless landscape of speakers, while singers’ avatars dance, sing and vibrate simultaneously. Everything fluctuates over a constant tension in between simulated reality and the revelation behind this simulation.

Director Biography

Pic 0029 2

Born in 1980, I work in Milan (Italy) as an Artist and Animation Director. I have produced music videos for the bands Subsonica and Denis The Night & The Panic Party.

Director Statement

I work with 3D modelling and 3D animation software to make images, sculptures and videos. I’m fascinated by the idea of creating images, objects and videos that come from the same source and to generate a dialogue between different media. My artworks and videos have been exhibited at art galleries and film festivals.

Watch Experimental Short Film: Vacillant

Vacillant posterVacillant is an experimental film exploring identity in social media. The film is looking to address the question of how we move through a virtual social space, and use social media as a means to explore social contexts outside of our own in the hopes of curating personal identity to better place ourselves in a broader societal context, whilst confronting the multiplication of self and imposed performance of identity brought about by this digital experience

Director Biography


4th year film student from St. Louis Missouri, looking to explore the complex dynamic between identity and technology.

Watch Experimental Short Film: Ground London

Produced, Directed, Edited and Shot by Dustin Morrow
Sound Design by Corbin Wescott
Running Time 7:41
Genre: Experimental Documentary


“Ground London” is an experimental documentary that explores the British capital at the intersections of three types of geography: urban geography, cultural geography, and psychogeography. Its employment of a specific point-of-view, locked in photography that never gets more than three inches off the ground, along with heavy manipulation of both sound and image, exposes a London seldom examined: a city that moves poetically and with great order when observed slowly and in minute detail. This city, perhaps the most culturally important in the world (certainly among the most economically and politically central) moves fast. Moving through it during the summer, when the tourists add untold numbers to the population fighting to traverse the sidewalks, streets, parks and stores, is a challenge. Chaos seems to reign alongside the Queen.

But there is another London, one of patterns, created by the geo-urban spaces themselves and by the ways that people (both residents and tourists) engage and interact with those spaces. Ground London explores those spaces and the people that move through them. It goes deep underground, to the London Underground (“the Tube”) and high above the city, into the iconic riverside ferris wheel known as the London Eye, without ever leaving the ground/floor-level.

The film forges its exploration with a sense of lightness and humor. Filled with images of children playing and people relaxing and sightseeing, the film presents a specific London, a city that can move slow, a city that can rest when it makes the effort. A man feeds pigeons during his lunch hour. A couple sits reading in the lawn chairs in Hyde Park. A game of cricket gets underway. In one shot, people literally stop to smell the roses.

The film is full of playfulness. A childʼs toy dog crawls on the floor of the great Harrodʼs department store. People pose as the Beatles did on their “Abbey Road” album cover in the intersection at which the photo was shot. Children crawl upon the backs of the lions in Trafalgar Square. The film is also playful in technique. Filmmaker Dustin Morrow uses color, shape, perspective and movement to emphasize elements of the frame. Corbin Wescottʼs original sound design immerses you in the spaces, drowning you in their atmospheric elements, and employing great wit in its evocation of the landscape.

“Ground London” gets down on the grass, down on the floor, down on the pavement, to present you with a new perspective on one of the worldʼs most photographed urban landscapes, and on the people who live and travel there.

The film premiered at the 2013 Northwest Filmmakers Festival, where it won the award for Best Experimental Film. It has gone on to screen in festivals around the world, including the OpenLens Film Festival, Big Muddy Film Festival, Cape May Film Festival, Experimental Film Festival Portland, Athens International Film and Video Festival, ArtsFest Film Festival, Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, University Film and Video Conference in Bozeman, Portland Film Festival, CologneOFF X: Cologne International Videoart Festival, VideoBabel International Audiovisual Festival in Cuzco, Peru, the FILE 2014 Electronic Language International Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the Oregon Independent Film Festival, where it won Best Experimental Film. The film was curated in Ohio State University’s Journal of Short Film Volume 34 in Spring 2015. It will continue to screen in festivals and conferences into 2015.
Director Bio:

Dustin Morrow is an Emmy-winning filmmaker, author, programmer and educator. As a media artist, his works frequently explore the issues of and relationships between landscape/space and personal, communal and cultural identities. He was born and raised in western Illinois, and received his MFA in Cinema from the University of Iowa. He previously taught at Temple University in Philadelphia, and is currently a professor and the interim head of the film program at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, where he teaches courses in digital cinema production and film studies. His most recent film is the award-winning feature “Everything Went Down” ( His most recent book is the Focal Press textbook “Producing for TV and New Media”, and his next book, due in early 2015, is a collaborative work with the legendary stage and screen actress Kathleen Turner. Learn more about Prof. Morrow’s work at

Watch Experimental Short Film: DREAMS IN THE WIND

Title pic fullOne mans journey of Self discovery and all the craziness he runs into. From fear of death, anger, frustration, confusion, silliness of the mind and seeking the Truth of soul. This film was shot over a period of two years, edited down to 50 minutes.

Director Biography


Living in a body currently on a place called Planet Earth, in my language. Yet, I feel there is far more going on than meets the eye of the I.

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