Director Biography – Katie Garibaldi, Marc Morgan (STAR IN THE EAST)

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Katie Garibaldi is an award-winning Americana singer/songwriter and guitar player from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an endorsed Breedlove Guitars artist and has been named a Music Connection Magazine Top 100 Live Unsigned Artist. An avid national touring performer, Katie has amassed a devoted fan base, due to her engaging live shows and personal connection to her listeners through her music.

Director Biography – Elias Djemil (FRANCISZKA)

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Sensitive traveler of the world of stories, explorer filmmaker in search of a universal language, a photographer with a discreet eye wanting to capture reality in its most authentic forms, Elias Djemil is an artist who wants to distinguish himself by his understanding of the world we live in and the one we aspire to.

Director Statement

Looking for the universal poetry of humanity is a lifelong search. Project by project I pursue this goal; each encounter, film and photograph brings me closer. We all have our own aspirations, ambitions, and responses to the world. We all are on a path to find our own truth, one that aligns with our values, culture and vision. With my camera, I have the privilege of meeting a lot of people. As I look at them through my lens, I seek this universal poetry.

Every person is a poem waiting to be heard.

Director BIO: Nathan Johnson (CAUGHT IN THE CHAMBER)

Director Biography – Nathan Johnson

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Nathan Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist best known for his work as a film composer and director. His innovative music (acclaimed scores for Looper and Brick, among others) and short films (lauded videos for Son Lux and Lucius) consistently blur the lines between stage, screen, and audio-visual narrative. He has given talks at universities around the world and has presented his work at the Hammer Museum, Adobe MAX, and Apple.
Johnson is the recipient of numerous film and music awards, and his work has been featured extensively by NPR, Wired, the AV Club, and Rolling Stone. When he is not creating music or videos, he works as an art director with The Made Shop, a boutique design firm that specializes in graphic and architectural projects.
He lives in Los Angeles.


Director Statement


Choreographer & USC Kaufman School of Dance faculty member Jennifer McQuiston Lott worked with director Nathan Johnson to create this film as a “chamber music video” for chamber ensemble yMusic and composer Andrew Norman. The film previewed accompanied live by yMusic on April 4, 2018, at the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance.

A note from Jennifer McQuiston Lott:

I worked with director Nathan Johnson, composer Andrew Norman, chamber ensemble yMusic & dancers (my students) from the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance to create this short dance-for-camera. Our goal was to create a dance that could accompany a chamber music performance into any intimate space. yMusic played the score live for the initial screening at USC (April 4, 2018). They can now take this film into virtually any venue where they might perform this piece of music; places where live dance can’t always go. And, hopefully, it will reach audiences that concert dance doesn’t always reach.

The dance was filmed in one take using a Steadicam. I see it as a hybrid of stage and filmed performance. The film is as much about what is happening offscreen as onscreen, because all performers, even the Steadicam operator, had choreography throughout the duration of the take in order to be offscreen when called for; the “flaws” and immediacy of liveness, and closeness, are there.

It is also a tribute to a very special community, time and place. The USC Kaufman School, founded as a place to wildly imagine and invent the future of dance, is in its infancy. This film includes some of our very first students, who will graduate this year. They are a special tribe of tenacious, inquisitive, unique and imaginative young people, and they make me hopeful for the future of my art form and our world.

I hope you enjoy the film.

Read more about this unique collaboration here:

Director BIO: Amy Secada & Daniel Garica (NAU)

Director Biography – Amy Secada, Daniel Garica

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Amy Secada is a multi-disciplinary visionary artist specializing in neo-ritual audiovisual works, art activism and performance art.
Secada combines her skills as a Dancer, Songwriter, Couture Costume Designer, Filmmaker, Vocalist, and Choreographer to produce transcendental art dedicated to spread awareness of environmental issues and Indigenous cultural and social rights. Known for her cinematic tribal bass soundscapes, gravity-defying Capoeira infused dance and otherworldly avant garde costumes, Secada tours internationally performing, teaching and inspiring. Her work has been presented in over 20 countries, she has danced for Nike Women, Hershey’s, Madonna, Fergie and choreographed for America’s Best Dance Crew. Secada currently lives between Los Angeles and Brazil creating art with every breath.

Director BIO: Virgilio Villoresi

Short Film Playing at the July 20th Experimental Film Festival

Director Biography

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Virgilio Villoresi was born November 10, 1979 in Fiesole (Florence,Italy).
He learned alchemical synthesis from Harry Smith, structural ontology from Jonas Mekas, how to make art of garbage from Jack Smith, ritual magic from Kenneth Anger.
His early inspirations include Poland animator [Jan Lenica, Zibnew Rybzinski, Walerian Borowcsiz, Daniel Schezcura,Jerzy Ziztmann] the European experimental cinema [Patrick Bokanowski,Chris Maker,Straub and Huillet], american underground [Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage,Brothers Kuchar] european advanguarde [Jean Cocteau,Luis Bunuel,Man Ray,Oscar Fischinger] Italian experimental [Paolo Gioli,Alberto Grifi] as well as avant garde theater,art and literature.
Lives and work in Milan.

Director Bio: Camille Laloux

Short Film Playing at the July 20th Experimental Film Festival


Director Biography

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I studied cinematography and video production in a 2 years professional school and at cinema university in Paris and became convinced that video expression and creation was my passion in all the way that it offers.