Short Film: FORGET ME NOT, 9min., USA, Dance/Experimental


5efeeb66a8 posterIn the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, ceremonial and natural sounds meet creative movement. An exploration of connection without words in a time of social distancing.

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Director Biography – Thibault Chollet (THE DREAM OF B. SOARES)

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Born in 1987 in Dijon. He graduated a Master degree in Cinema in Lyon in 2011. He made his first animated short film during his studies. Since he works as assistant director on the animated tv series Stinky Dog. The dream of B. Soares is his third film and his second collaboration with GASP!
2019 THE DREAM OF B. SOARES (5 min, animation) 2016 THE WALEKR (5 min, animation)
2011 SEPTEMBRE (3 min, animation)

Short Film: AGON, 4min., Brazil, Dance


B2df54c5bb posterA short dance film shot from distance during quarantine.

Nothing here has been done for us. The human being lives an illusion of protagonism in relation to existence, a narcissistic process of thinking that everything is done for the human being. People are at home, struggling in a dispute for protagonism. Wanting to negotiate with a force still unknown to the human being, which is nature, to exist and to deal with the fall of everything that was believed to be right. This “not being”, this negotiation, this dispute for is represented in a film, with 18 dancers who created their interpretations on the theme, printing their style and voice over a choreographic base created by @marcel.anselme and filming themselves in their own homes, during the quarantine, with the that was available, alone or with the help of their partners.

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Director Biography – Jennifer Akalina Petuch, Annali Rose (LIMINALITY)

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Jennifer A. Petuch is currently Adjunct Faculty and Staff at Florida State University’s School of Dance. Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, she trained for fourteen years at the Academy of Ballet Florida and performed in professional ballets with the Company of Ballet Florida in pieces such as Marie Hale’s “The Nutcracker”, “Romeo and Juliet”, and “Sleeping Beauty”. She graduated magna cum laudé from the University of South Florida achieving a Bachelor’s in Dance Studies. At USF, she danced in several notable pieces including Gretchen Warren’s, “Les Sylphides” and Doug Varone’s, “Sacre du Printemps”. Jennie participated in the USF Dance in Paris Program in the summer of 2010 working with well-known choreographers, Claudia Lavista and Michael Foley. After graduating, she taught at three dance studios in the Tampa Bay area as well as performing and choreographing with Shoes at the Door Dance Company.

Petuch graduated summa cum laudé from Florida State University’s School of Dance Program with her Master of Fine Arts in Choreography and Performance with a focus in Dance Technology in 2017. While attending FSU, she performed in multiple pieces such as Tim Glenn’s, “RIDE”, Joséphine Garibaldi’s, “Land of the Pick and Choose”, and a Tedx Talk in Spring of 2015. She also became certified by Balanced Body, Inc. as a Pilates Mat instructor in 2017. Her MFA thesis resulted in a two-year collaboration with the FSU Computer Science faculty and students creating an original interactive software for the stage called ViFlow. She creates screendances, projections, and uses new technology to enhance the performance experience. Her life-long mission as a performing artist and choreographer is to create work that resonates with the audience members. Her goal is for them to walk out of the theater thinking back on their experience feeling stimulated and inspired.

Short Film: LIMINALITY, 8min,. USA, Dance


B0d5e2413a posterLiminality is inspired by reimagining what Odette may have experienced upon plunging to her death in the lake from the classical ballet “Swan Lake”. It is a moment of suspended reality and a story of disenchantment, self-discovery and transformation. In our modern world we know that “happily ever after” is a journey and we have the ability to exercise our own agency to create our experience. In our story, the heroine is exploring the space in between life and death. She is coming to terms with the end of her world as she knew it and finding the strength and courage to move into a new existence.

We see this story as a metaphor for what many ballet dancers experience upon the imminent journey of their retirement from professional careers. On stage there is always a happy ending. For example, Seigfried in “Swan Lake” immediately realizes his mistake in being seduced by another woman, seeks forgiveness from Odette, and follows her off the cliff to his death so they can be reunited in the afterlife. But what is the reality for the dancers who play these characters? When the fairytale is over, what happens next?

The dancer and choreographer of Liminality, Annali Rose, is searching to answer that question for herself. She is using her heart as a guide to follow what brings her joy. As someone who is new to choreography, she wanted to begin this journey in the only place she had felt inspired to play with choreography in her past—underwater. The water is symbolic of the feeling of drowning and the death of her identity as a professional dancer. But it also envelops her, providing safety, support, and the spark of joy that is the magical seed of regeneration.

The cinematography was captured by artist and digital choreographer, Jennifer Akalina Petuch, at the Madison Blue Spring State Park in Lee County Florida during January 2020. Having a sharp eye for 2-D composition in Dance and a steady hand, Petuch used her skills of swimming, experience as a professional dancer, and a simple GoPro to film and then create the underwater work.

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Director Biography – Michelle Brand (SYNCHRONICITY)

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Michelle Brand is a London based German-English, Animator- Filmmaker and Sound Designer, who enjoys cross-combining all kinds of things and media. She studied animation at the University for Creative Arts in Farnham, UK, and completed her Animation MA at the Royal College of Arts in 2019.
Throughout her work, she plays with many different visual structures, aesthetics, and approaches to sound design, enjoying the discovery of new ways to express complex ideas. Her films attempt to visualise philosophical concepts, with a special focus on time, movement and change. Above all, she simply enjoys converting thoughts into movement, colour and sound.

Short Film: SYNCHRONICITY, 4min., UK, Animation


4199f35501 posterPeople come, people go – Yet everyone is moving in the same direction. We all are sharing something that we are unaware of, creating one big picture we are unable to see.
The film explores the idea of how everyone is connected in a way we may not realise. By sharing time, space and movement, we overlap and create a bigger picture.

Director Biography – Jennifer Paterson, Lewis Gourlay, Abby Warrilow (FLOOR FALLS)

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Jennifer Paterson is Artistic Director of All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre, Scotland’s leading aerial dance company. Her first experience in dance for screen was as a performer in Katrina McPherson’s Moment. She has since forged a career as an aerial and dance performer, choreographer and director, helping to build the aerial scene in Scotland.

Lewis Gourlay and Abby Warrilow are Cagoule Productions.
Choreographer and dance-film maker, Abby Warrilow works internationally on the sets of feature films, commercials, stage and music videos. Her client list has an impressive read and includes the likes of Paramount Pictures, Universal, EMI, BBC and Scottish Opera.
Lewis Gourlay has a reputation both as respected and creative editor, and a talented video graphic artist, enabling him to work in each separate discipline or, as is increasingly required, in both simultaneously.
Cagoule’s previous dance film, Etch, has won several awards and is still being shown in festivals across the world.

Short Film: FLOOR FALLS, 3min., UK, Dance


32fc3e565d posterA women stands, takes a breath, and moves. Arching back extending further than seems possible, she steps forward, rising up onto the tip of her toe and over the threshold. We see blackness then she appears. Rotating and twisting, the camera and her dance around each other. She suspends, or has the floor fallen?
We focus in on her as she walks in air, gravity free, not knowing where we are, what is up and what is down. Spinning through the space, gradually we see her disappearing, focus fading and she is gone.

Floor Falls is a collaboration between award winning film makers Lewis Gourlay and Abby Warrilow of Cagoule and aerial dance choreographer Jennifer Paterson of All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre, featuring dancer Freya Jeffs.
This short dance for screen brings together aerial harness techniques with dance for camera.

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