Open The Window Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Dance/Music Festival Dec. 2019

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The room of a hospital, two women waiting. The invitation to the soul to let go, the invitation to react for who remains.

A woman on a hospital bed, at the end of her life, is struggling to survive.
Another woman is waiting during those final moments.
In what is the close separation between the two figures, scenes of dailylife emerge in a dreamlike vision, in wich abandonment and loneliness are already announced, but even the prospect to be able to react. The hope is the vision of a new birth, the opposite of death that, at the same time, is linked to: birth is already a separation and in itself a death.

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Monk Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Dance/Music Festival Dec. 2019

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A son is brought to a monastery by his parents and left there. He struggles to become a monk and on his journey inward finds protection and solace in three female immortals. This dance for camera is depicted through five sections: root, heart, will, mind and body.

Feel Reborn Here Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Dance/Music Festival Dec. 2019

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Imagine a place where landscapes and feelings make you want to discover yourself, explore your surroundings, a place where you wish to reveal your inner self, leave the world behind and where you could live according to your true nature . With their energy and their grace, dancers express this urge to imagine a different way to see the world.

Dance With A Demon Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Dance/Music Festival Dec. 2019

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A Demon stalks its prey within the mind of a child, and the consequences of imagination start to seem like reality.
Lost inside a fantasy world of dance, a lost Mother must fight for her survival, or become another victim of the demonic clutches of depression.

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Cemetery Song Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from Dance/Music Festival Dec. 2019


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An animated reflection on mortality, “CEMETERY SONG” explores a day in the life of inhabitants of a cemetery as they explore the power of memories, existential dread and finally a peaceful acceptance.

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Short Film: KA・TA・O・RI・HA, 1min., Japan, Music Video

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Hakata-ori, Japanese weaving passed down from generation to generation for 777 years.


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Director Biography – Namewee (OUR MEMES)

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Namewee 黃明志 – A patriotic and multi-talented generation-Y Malaysian who builds his own unique brand through creating his own unique brand of Web 2.0 content including music, documentary and film through his own platform.

我叫黃明志, 來自地球, 是一名人類. 本身有一雙手一雙腳兩顆眼睛一個鼻子一個嘴巴一個大頭一個小頭, 最特別的是我手上還有五根手指頭, 最長那根叫中指. 我平時最愛陽光空氣水, 每天都在呼吸, 吃飯喝水睡覺是平日的消遣活動, 偶爾會拉拉屎小

Short Film: OUR MEMES, 5min., Malaysia, Music Video

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Music Video:
A mash-up of various of internet memes into this music video.

I still remember the day we met in the cyber world
and became online friends
Following every single bit of you
Break ups – Graduation – Vacations and even shopping
I even knew you bumped into ghosts while in the public toilet! What a surprise?

Although I have never met you in real life
But you knew all my secrets
Including my ex-boyfriend’s plastic surgery
Many strange things happened in this tiny world
It’s unbearable to recall yet it’s so special
Such wonderful memories

We used to be so naughty and unpredictable
The old days where we were so crazy and superfluous
What past is past so let’s not talk about it
All the stupidest things we did together

(That’s our precious memory on the internet)

Although it’s wild and full with tragedy
You and I, we still be a part of it
It will be our stupidest and brainless and most romantic achievement.

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Short Film: RED OMEN – ED ROMAN, 4min., USA, Animation/Music

Award winning Canadian singer songwriter Ed Roman along with animator extraordinaire Nelson Diaz from There Be Dragons Creative Media in NYC have created an exquisite animation to the title track of Ed Roman’s latest album Red Omen.

The message is for awareness of Dyslexia.

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