YOU’RE DEAD WRONG Short Film – Audience Feedback from April 2018 Experimental Festival

YOU’RE DEAD WRONG, 6min., Canada, Music Video 
Directed by Craig Lobo

The debut single from the band “Stellar”.

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Director BIO: Craig Lobo (YOU’RE DEAD WRONG)

Born in North Hampton England, and raised in Toronto Canada filmmaker Craig Lobo landed his first job as a video store clerk at age fifteen. Twelve years later his passion lead him from watching to making films. Known for his dark suspense driven films the writer/ producer/ director is currently wrapping production on Dangerous Rumors (releasing 2018) and will begin production on his fourth film The Hit List in May 2018.

Short Film: YOU’RE DEAD WRONG, 6min., Canada, Music Video

Electronic artist Stellar’s first single You’re Dead Wrong ft Containher  tells the story of a woman who wakes to find herself assaulted. Gathering herself, she finds clues to the identity of her assailant. Determined and vengeful she sets out on a quest for revenge against the one who wronged her.

Director: Craig Lobo

Cast: Jacqueline Godbout, Fabian Olive, Samantha Carly