Short Film: COLD, 10min., Portugal, Dance

Dance work that dresses the theme of alienation, loneliness and cruelty, focusing on the human being and its essence. The bodies and their broken integrity are driven by memories and dreams. Cold explores the curves in the soul, the darkness, the silhouette, sweeps in deeply and causes the spirit to come out of the body.… Continue reading Short Film: COLD, 10min., Portugal, Dance

Short Film: WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME BUS, 2min., Portugal, Experimental

We are all on the same bus, but some of us are more awake than others. Project Type: Experimental, Music Video, Short Runtime: 2 minutes Completion Date: July 31, 2019 Country of Origin: Portugal Country of Filming: Portugal Shooting Format: Digital

Short Film: WALKSCAPE, 5min., Portugal, Experimental/Documentary

Filmed during several walks in Lisbon as an aesthetic practice, using image processing and time-lapse techniques. An experience on the visualization of improvised music as free as the music itself. Music by WELCOME TO SILKEBORG. Monsieur Trinité: several objects, Tiago Varela: electric piano. Project Links  Website  

Get to know the short film: YOU, 10min., Portugal, Experimental

Playing at the EXPERIMENTAL Film Festival – Thursday December 28, 2017 THE DAY IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU COULD NEVER FORGET. YOU IS THAT DAY. Y0U is a love story, that happens in a moment in which the last thing you want to do is to fall in love, but falling in love is probably… Continue reading Get to know the short film: YOU, 10min., Portugal, Experimental