Watch Experimental Short Film: DREAMS IN THE WIND

Title pic fullOne mans journey of Self discovery and all the craziness he runs into. From fear of death, anger, frustration, confusion, silliness of the mind and seeking the Truth of soul. This film was shot over a period of two years, edited down to 50 minutes.

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Living in a body currently on a place called Planet Earth, in my language. Yet, I feel there is far more going on than meets the eye of the I.

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Watch Experimental Short Film: MIRROR STAGE

This infinite regress video is using technology device to raise this awareness of how we rely on using technology. The video starts with circle nature and end with same circle nature image on the smart phone which aim to offer an experience of how people fall into this deep digital hole without any chance to climb out.

  • Nianjia Han
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  • Nianjia Han
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Watch Experimental Short Film: GOOD MEDICINE

Loralee photo Four people with addictions move through their story, via portrait photography as a healing modality and tool of resistance.

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Amy Iddings completed a Master’s of Social Work degree at Spalding University in 2016, and this project was part of her culminating project on the use of whole body/whole mind approaches in the treatment of trauma and addiction. In 2014 she collaborated with Glenn Hall on a project for her own healing, which she casually called “phototherapy.” The sense of recovery–the medicinal quality of the work–was so profound she began an inquiry into using self-guided creative portrait photography with others, beginning with those dealing with addictions.

Director Statement

Though I argue we are all addicted to something, in the case of drugs, the lens our culture uses to see these individuals seems harshest and least forgiving. It may be why I am starting here. I believe people deserve to be presented in a way that leaves their humanity intact.

The idea is that this sort of art is not just therapy; it is also a tool of resistance. The concept of the project is to have a visual conversation that is courageous, affirming, and challenging to the standard narrative on addiction and those who live it. It is built around the desire for participants to become agents of their own identity–both public (within their local communities) and private (through the conscious creation of a creative visual experience with a tangible outcome). This project is fed by the idea that each of us is more than the worst things that have ever happened to us, including the worst things we have ever done.

I want to show images of people living with addiction that are beautiful: not intentionally glamorous or heroic, but beautiful in terms of authenticity. I want to show humans seeking their medicine by doing what brings them back to themselves. It’s important to be able to hold a space that is respectful and careful, where they can share a piece of their story they might not have a chance to tell any other way. I see it as a small anthology of pain, healing, identity and perception.

Watch Experimental Short Film: STRANGER IN THE DARK


12241579 923848944329434 2976481947401521628 nOur main protagonist Cassie Fields, wakes up one morning to find that she’s scared and confused. Things happen from that point on in the film that make Cassie realizes that the life she always known is a lie. To make matters worse, the stranger in the dark is now her waking nightmare. Her only hope is to solve the mystery while finding herself at the mercy of the killer’s new solitary world.”

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  • “” New Director/Actor/ Writer Takes the independent Circuit by Storm””


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    “Success isn’t always about Greatness its about Consistency and passion.”

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    Jr Michael was born on June 27, 1981. He grew up out in Queens, he attend a high school out in Jackson heights NY and he then transferred to Wagner high school and finish out his school year at Wagner. He then went away to college in the state of Kansas and was studying to become Network administration IT. At the same time he was perusing his dream as a basketball player and then came close, he got scouted for Butler University but could go cause certain elements that prevented him from attending there, after that he moved back from Kansas to New York to continue his studies at New York Institute of Technology to pursue his second dream and that was to become an actor he started this journey by accident when his girlfriends father told him that he should try out for acting cause the camera love’s him so then he did. So then he appeared in Law an Order, Syriana, Minority, Sopranos, I am Legend, Fighting, Stick’em up kids and the independent movie that got picked up in 2008 and premiered at the New York International Film and Video Festival and got nominated for best short of the year which was called Vengeance is Mine was a hit, and then now the highly anticipated movie called Touch 2009. From there he has also done his highly anticipated short film Stranger in the Dark and is starting his web series called a New York Story. Jr Michael continues to make strides as an actor/director and hopes to continue his career.

Watch Experimental Short Film: Lost In The Nameless City

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Lost in the nameless city   teaser poster photo by paul vernon

A photographic interpretation of London’s urban space with monochrome video and 32mm colour stills. A filmmaker’s journey observing the facets of the city and gradually its subversion; a place built upon layers of people, architecture and encroaching nature. Originally commissioned by Filthy Lucre and made in part in cooperation with NLA – New London Architecture.

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Director, Co-Producer, Camera & Editor: Paul Vernon
Co-Producer: Joe Bates
Original Music: David Hevitt
Commissioned by Filthy Lucre

Watch Experimental Short Film: Balance: a story of darkness and light

In darkness there is light.

Film Type:Experimental, Short, Student
Runtime:3 minutes 32 seconds
Completion Date:December 9, 2016
Production Budget:0 USD
Country of Origin:Canada
Country of Filming:Canada

Watch Music Video: Unconscious Conscious

Music Experimental Video featuring music by Sun Root

Stanley Thomas – Director
Lindsay Peyton – Writer
Stanley Thomas – Writer
Lindsay Peyton – Producer
Stanley Thomas – Producer
Lindsay Peyton – Key Cast
Justin Dunford – Key Cast
Barbara Peyton – Key Cast
Stanley Thomas – Key Cast

Watch Experimental Short Film: Cold is My Brother

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Nm2015 10 1v2

A young girl stumbles into the icy world of her imagination where she must save her brother from the starving nature merchants.

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    Troy’s work has exhibited around the world in galleries from New York to Milan and is currently held in the permanent collection at the Art Gallery of Victoria. He has worked on International advertising campaigns for billion dollar companies and followed a man to his death for an intimate documentary piece. He’s directed a film in -40c and almost lost a finger in Northern Ontario. He’s at home in the back country, or the remote, the wild and the unpredictable. Born into a tree-planting camp, Troy spent years 0-2 guarded by his parent’s large dogs as they collectively planted millions of trees. Troy currently resides on Vancouver Island and can be found wandering the bush with his dog.