Director Biography – Marco De Ornellas (THE DUCHESS)

Marco De Ornellas is an international award winning actor, model and film producer. Marco began his career as an actor in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He moved to New York City in 2011 to pursue his global career. Following his graduation from “The American Academy of Dramatic Arts” and “Stella Adler Studio” he undertook projects in… Continue reading Director Biography – Marco De Ornellas (THE DUCHESS)

Short Film: THE DUCHESS, 7min., USA, Experimental

A surrealistic horror film based on the latin urban legend “The woman in white” ( “A muller de Branco” ). When the clock hits midnight, a mysterious woman pays a visit to unfaithful man to revenge of her pain of the past. Project Links  Website  Facebook  Twitter Film Type: Short Runtime: 7 minutes 16 seconds… Continue reading Short Film: THE DUCHESS, 7min., USA, Experimental

Short Film: PERSON(A), 5min., USA, Dance

Inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock, PERSON(a) explores themes of identity, character, and the human psyche while simultaneously questioning the boundaries between performance and art. Featuring a dance between flesh and plastic, PERSON(a) is at first playful and provocative, while also building its own uneasiness to mirror the dynamic of its waltz. The lines… Continue reading Short Film: PERSON(A), 5min., USA, Dance

Short Film: CAUGHT IN THE CHAMBER, 7min., USA, Dance

Screendance with original score by composer Andrew Norman, performed by yMusic. Film Type: Other Genres: Screendance, Dance for Camera, Music Video, Experimental Runtime: 6 minutes 50 seconds Completion Date: April 3, 2018 Production Budget: 15,000 USD Country of Origin: United States Country of Filming: United States Film Color: Color  

Short Film: OF SILENCE, 6min., Belgium, Dance

A short dance film about the contrast between intimacy and vastness, conflict and freedom—and the individual yearning for a past long gone, in the face of a bleak collective future. Film Type: Experimental, Short, Other Runtime: 6 minutes 46 seconds Completion Date: December 30, 2017 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Country of Filming: United Kingdom… Continue reading Short Film: OF SILENCE, 6min., Belgium, Dance

Director BIO: Bartek Kalinowski (“ROPPONGI BOYS” JET LAGZ)

Director Biography – Bartek Kalinowski BARTEK KALINOWSKI Animation Director & Motion Designer Born in Warsaw, a graduate of Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology, specializing in Multimedia. He has been working professionally for the last 12 years as a 3D graphic designer. Bartek constantly seeks for the various forms to express his ideas. He combines the latest… Continue reading Director BIO: Bartek Kalinowski (“ROPPONGI BOYS” JET LAGZ)

Short Film: “ROPPONGI BOYS” JET LAGZ, 2min., Poland, Music

Film Type: Music Video Runtime: 2 minutes 12 seconds Completion Date: November 27, 2017 Production Budget: 3,000 EUR Country of Origin: Poland Country of Filming: Poland Film Language: Polish Shooting Format: Motion Capture Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Film Color: Color

Director BIO: Hadi Moussally

Director Biography – Hadi Moussally Hadi Moussally is a filmmaker and photographer born in 1987 in Lebanon, a post-war time where art didn’t have enough space on the popular scene but he always had an artistic sensibility. He chose to study in Paris to learn filmmaking and especially to improve his artistic culture. He first had… Continue reading Director BIO: Hadi Moussally