Short Film: EVE, 4min., USA, Dance

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High wire artist Philippe Petit describes EVE in this way: “Fighting gravity and sharing with the winds the fabric of our dreams is as important in life as getting bread and water. EVE reminds us of that while inspiring us to grow wings and take off!”

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Director Biography – Chantal Cherry (TAKE ME THERE)

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Chantal Cherry is a queer South African dance choreographer and performer with a BFA in South African Contemporary Dance from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and an MFA in Choreography from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures/Dance Department, Los Angeles.

Chantal’s choreographic research is currently centered around queer identity and its representation in art and media. Her latest work, Our Bodies At Night, explores romantic intimacy between two women who powerfully support each other through symbiotic weight- bearing, sensual, movement. This duet was showcased as part of the Movement Research Open Performance Showings (NYC),the Dance Umbrella Africa Festival (South Africa), and at Highways Performance Space (Los Angeles).

In addition, Chantal recently premiered two new works at Highways Performance Space as part of her evening of dance. Tribute To My 12-year Old is a solo that gives voice to Chantal’s inner child, her desire to dance, and her parents’ disappointment in her career choice, presenting life as an artist as a failure. AndHome (Live) is an abstract duet portraying of two approaches to grieving, inspired by the death of a friend.

Chantal has taken part in such international conferences as Confluences 6 & 7, and Crossings International Artistic Workshop, hosted by the Gordon Institute of the Creative and Performing Arts. Her dance film, A Bigger Bang For Your Buck, screened at the Dance Transmissions Festival in Uganda, as well as the Re-Visioning Dance Festival in South Africa. Another of Chantal’s dance films, 1, 2 ,3, screened at the Echo Park Film Festival and was screened at the Los Angeles Municipal Arts Gallery as part of the Juried Exhibition. The same work was adapted for its stage premiere, Folie a Trois. She has worked with a wide range of esteemed choreographers, including Vincent Mantsoe (France), Germaine Acogny (Senegal), Christina Towle (France), Hsiao-Mei Ho (Taiwan), Shahar Biniamini (Israel), Jeanine Durning (New York), Ros Warby (Los Angeles), Sheetal Gandhi (Los Angeles), and Nelisiwe Xaba (South Africa).

Chantal has trained in contemporary dance, African dance, West African, Spanish, release techniques, contact improvisation, Gaga technique, and Skinner Releasing Technique. She has a vested interest in cinematography, theatre lighting design, and dance film making.

Short Film: TAKE ME THERE, 3min., USA, Dance

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Created as part of the Experimental Film Virginia residency and festival program in Cape Charles, Virginia, with dancers from Italian Dance Company Equilibrio Dinamico, Take Me There is a dance film about self-discovery. A dancer ventures out into the unknown — excited, determined, and ready for the adventure that awaits. Journeying in forward motion along train tracks, we see the lead character find friends and, ultimately, a romantic, intimate connection. Was this what she was searching for all along?

Take Me There depicts strong women, queer relationship, and characters outside of their ‘performative gender roles’ to be somewhat adrogonous and powerful. A band of misfit queers journeying together.

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Short Film: CREATURES, 4min., USA, Dance

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With our short fashion dance film, we would like to take you back in surreal pre historic times.

Capturing the tale of mysterious creatures living on earth. Pure in their emotions and expressions.

Following them on a journey of identity and self expression.
Fashion as a tool to bond, it makes us belong, it makes us stand out and differ.

We start a jurney of emotions, expressoin, fabric and movement.

Director Biography – Brynn Bodair, Lauren Delisle (HIS PARTY)

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Brynn Bodair, a versatile performer and choreographer, hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She trained extensively with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s principal dancers and received private coaching from The Kirov Ballet’s Jutec Kasamon. She studied with the Atlanta Ballet, Texas Theatre Ballet, and Pittsburgh Ballet. She has performed in several classical ballets, and with Maria Caruso’s Bodiography Contemporary Ballet Company as a trainee. Recently, she performed her own work “Visions of Gideon” as a part of The Bach Music Festival, as well as created Cultivating Compassion, a forty five minute dance work focusing on humanizing legal rhetoric. She interned for the Bill T. Jones Summer Intensive at New York Live Arts, and trained with Keigwin and Company at The Juilliard School. Brynn currently attends Loyola Marymount University where she is pursuing a double degree in Dance and Political Science, as well as pursuing her passion for film while receiving a minor in Screenwriting from the School of Film and Television. She continues her dance training with Dance Teacher Magazine’s featured teacher Roz Leblanc Loo, BODYTRAFFIC’s co-artistic director Lillian Barbeito, and other esteemed faculty. Brynn is eager to create, spreading her infectious motivation, interdisciplinary knowledge and work ethic with all.

Lauren Delisle is a screenwriter, director, and movement artist based in Los Angeles, California. She was initially drawn to the film medium during her undergraduate studies at Loyola Marymount University when she realized it could bridge her passions for visual art and human form. This past year, her writing has been featured in Jacky Song’s “Lonely In The Dusk,” which was selected to be screened at the 20th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival. She has also worked on dance-focused music visuals with Elizabeth Archer and Connor Smyers and is thrilled to have been contracted on her first feature-length film adaptation, as primary screenwriter, which is set to begin production next year. In her spare time, she enjoys writing articles on mental health and media as editor and staff writer for MedTruth as well as dancing in her kitchen and reading beside her cat, Oat.

Director Statement

Using my interdisciplinary knowledge, I hope to intertwine the artistic mediums of dance and film to provide thought provoking and impactful artistic creations.

Short Film: HIS PARTY, 4min., USA, Dance

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“His Party” is a short film following six women in a 1950’s home setting. This movement infused short film explored the trope of Romantic Paternalism, a past societal norm deeming women as fair, gentle creatures to be gently handled and cared for, through exploring the isolated roles of women in the 1950’s. Amidst the controlling, dictator-like masculine energy of the household, the women scramble and writhe in their restrictive areas of the home while attempting to maintain an imposed level of cheeriness and normalcy.

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Director Biography: Lawrence Fung (COHORT 707)

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Born in the concrete jungles of Hong Kong, architectural lines, fashion, martial art films, and international culture has always been a significant influence on Lawrence.

Spending his adolescence years in the Southwestern State of Arizona, Lawrence picked up Breaking as a past-time passion while pursuing a degree in Finance and Supply Chain Management. He even started a dance crew called “Pocket Change” where they would compete in battles across the nation. Upon graduation, he suffered from a severe back injury which led him into obtaining a Pilates teacher training certificate and ultimately curing his pain and developing an interest in teaching.

However, the mundane business career and demanding Pilates clientele building had made him questioned his purpose in life. As a result, he invested majority of his earnings on traveling, self-improvement books, snowboarding and surfing, camera equipment, and higher education.

Following dance, photography and film has become a new found passion for Lawrence. During the summer of 2017, he had the opportunity to work with Harper Bazaar Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine in Hong Kong where he tremendously improved on both shooting fashion portraits and making lifestyle videos. He also gained professional experience working in studios and on location, collaborating with MUAs, stylists, and hair stylists, professional models, as well as working with name brands such as Burberry, Prada, Christian Dior, etc.

In the fall of 2017, his first film “Parallax” was selected to be shown at the 5th Annual Dance Short Festival at the Suns Studio in Tempe. His second film “Uprooted” won the Audience Choice Award at the Moving 24FPS PHX event at Arizona State University. Shortly after in the Spring of 2018, “Angel’s Playground”, a film that combined travel and dance was selected to be shown at Dance Fest at Phoenix Art Museum. “Dance in California” was selected to be a featured short film for the prestigious drone and camera stabilizer company DJI in summer of July. Around the same period, Voyage Phoenix, an online lifestyle magazine also published an article featuring Lawrence as an aspired upcoming artist.

Now as a grad student studying dance, Lawrence plans to fuse his passion for travel, dance, photography, film, and fashion into a series of showcases, short films, and performances in order to create an unique sensorial experience for a wide range of audience.

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Short Film: COHORT 707, 6min., USA, Dance

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What does a society cling to when its structures exist only in remembrance of unity? Cohort 707 depicts women who face this question in the shelter of a fallen community. When dirt becomes home, the only things worth valuing are hunger and fear which keep these women alive along with the strength they find in one another.

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